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How To Store Seeds

May 11, 2014, by Ken Jorgustin


Seeds will last for many years if stored properly – some as long as five years (although with diminishing percentages of those which will sprout).

Here’s one way to store seeds, which may even be the best way 😉


The Best Way To Store Seeds

In A Wide Mouth Canning Jar

The best storage conditions for seeds is a cool and dry place.

The best place in your home (cool and dry) is in the refrigerator.

The best container to use is a glass wide mouth canning jar with a screw lid.

Unlike a plastic bag which is not totally air-tight, a glass jar with a accompanying canning jar lid will keep ALL moisture out.

Add the seeds and/or seed packets to the jar.

Consider adding a small desiccant packet to remove any residual moisture.

Alternatively you might add some powdered milk to absorb any residual moisture – perhaps wrapping it in a tissue or other such containment.

Screw on the canning-jar lid for a moisture-proof seal.

Store in the back of your refrigerator.


What other methods have you used (are using) to store your seeds?
Success (or failure) stories?