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Plant a Food Producing Tree

March 4, 2010, by Ken Jorgustin


grapefruit cluster

If every household were to plant at least one food producing tree, and save the harvest rather than letting it rot on the ground, the impact to self sufficiency would be substantial. The benefits of harvesting from your food producing trees include health, financial, and added liberty for you and your family.

Health Benefits from your own Food Producing Tree

You cannot get any healthier than harvesting and eating food directly from your property. Unlike many of the fruits that you purchase at the grocery store, you know where you own food is from – your yard. Do you know where your grocery store fruits come from? It depends on the time of year of course. Plus, you don’t know what kinds of chemicals and fertilizers have been used. Many varieties you see in grocery stores are grown specifically for their longevity during distribution and shelf life. They are usually picked before they’re ripe, and the taste is often not very exciting compared to home grown.

One of my fruit trees is a pink grapefruit dwarf variety, which has grown to about 10 feet in height. It is now producing about 100 grapefruits per harvest! I recommend the dwarf style fruit trees for your yard (the varieties that grow 8 – 15 feet maximum, as opposed to the mini dwarf which does not grow tall at all) so that you can manage reaching to the top, unlike a full sized tree which could reach out of control.

Financial Benefits from your own Food Producing Tree

It should go without saying that the food you will harvest is essentially free. The costs of all foods have been going up, and if you truly take advantage of an entire harvest of a given fruit tree, the savings will be substantial. Food preservation techniques and equipment are readily available and pretty easy to implement.

apricot jam

For example, the most popular methods are dehydrating and canning. Here’s an example – last fall season a friend of ours didn’t want her apricot tree fruits to go to waste. She let us pick baskets full of apricots, which we used to make  4 cases of apricot jam during one Saturday. Not only was it fun and rewarding, the comparative grocery store value was about $200. Now we have plenty of jam to go with our home made wheat bread!

Take a tip from this example, if you don’t already have fruit producing trees, and you notice that your neighbor does, ask them if they would be willing to let you harvest the fruit in exchange for providing them with some of your finished product. I know that I have a neighbor who has a plum tree which they let all the fruit drop to the ground each year. What a waste. This year I am going to approach them to allow me to harvest some of it. I love plums.

Liberation Benefits from your own Food Producing Tree

Each time that you grow and harvest food, be it from a fruit bearing tree or garden, you are becoming more self reliant from the system which wants to keep you reliant upon them. Growing your own food brings liberty to you, the condition of being free from restriction or control.  I must tell you, that feeling is freedom. Food being the essential of life (besides water), is the single most important first step to get under your control with regards to liberating yourself from the system, being more self sufficient, and being prepared for whatever may come your way.

Check out your growing zone and discover what trees will grow in your climate. Set a goal to go out and buy a food bearing tree, and spend a rewarding Saturday getting it planted in your yard. Do it now, you will thank yourself later.

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