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Better To Be Early – Than A Day Too Late For Preparedness

October 13, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


With the seemingly incomprehensible number of systemic risks and uncertainties in the world today, have you been thinking about stepping up to a preparedness mindset – but you’re wondering if it’s too late to bother? Does it seem like there would be so much to do, and so overwhelming to ‘catch up’ with preparedness – that it feels out of reach?

Well think again – because it’s better to be a week, month, or year early, than a day too late…

You cannot get to where you’re going without first putting one foot in front of the other. Instead of coming up with excuses why you shouldn’t bother, just take one simple step towards your own preparedness and self-reliance. Then the next. And so on…

Think of it this way… If you start preparing today and should the SHTF tomorrow, you will be more prepared than most everyone else. And while your own preparedness might be small to start with, the fact that you’ve decided to alter your mindset – will have you in a better frame of mind as you continue.

Becoming preparedness-minded is not a wacko thing like the mainstream so often likes to portray. In fact, I often purposely avoid the word ‘prepper’ because the media has bashed it into oblivion. Being prepared is an insurance plan for systemic failure of the things which we rely on in today’s modern world of global distribution, modern infrastructure, and economic systems. It is more than that too… it is insurance for minor (or major) disruptions in your own personal life. It is also a way-of-life in which YOU will be empowered to think for yourself, to be more responsible for yourself, and to be liberated from some of the external controls that shape part of your life as it is today.

Don’t wait another day to begin your preparedness. And you don’t have to go out and buy something to begin.

It starts with a commitment to yourself that you will do it. That you will take charge of your own life as best you can. The next steps involve planning, prioritizing, and decision-making. Our circumstances and resources are all different. Only you can choose your own plans, priorities, and subsequent decisions. There is guidance to be found all over the internet. Our site is one of many which aspire to preparedness. Dig through them. Read the comments from others. You’ll figure it out… Just don’t wait.

As you probably are already aware (because you’re reading this), the world is quite apparently facing some major troubles ahead. We are living in unprecedented and very dangerous times. There are many very serious systemic risks out there, not the least of which is our literal dependence on the many systems which keep us alive. There ARE things that could bring any or all of them down. And if it should happen, literally untold millions will perish. You can choose to NOT be one of them – or to at least do your best to survive.

Today is the day to begin…