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When The System Crashes, What Item Will You Have Most Difficulty Re-Supplying?

July 8, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


That is the question for you today. What Item would you have the most difficulty in re-supplying after the system crashes?

Lets get your input so we can make a list…

While perhaps not all supply chains will become disrupted after a ‘system crash’ (collapse), certainly most WILL. When banks are closed, when credit and liquidity seizes, when hardly anyone or any business has the ability to pay (just look at Greece right now – and they’re not even ‘full-on’ into collapse yet), the supply and distribution chains will break down.

Some items will likely become very difficult to get, if not impossible.

What might be the ‘most difficult‘ to re-supply?

UPDATE: As of this update, there appears to be a clear ‘Top 3’

1. Medications
2. Fuel (gas, diesel, etc..)
3. Food (categorical)

Feel free to continue offering your opinion…