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Horrific Paris Tragedy, Coming Soon To A City Near You?

November 14, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


Coming soon to a city near you? “Radical Muslim Rampage In Paris” “150+ Dead”. Open borders don’t work. Bad people walk right in and ‘set up shop’ as we have just seen in Paris. Think it won’t happen here? Think again.

Still want those 100,000+ ‘refugees’ from Syria Mr. Obama?
Why Are Most Of The Refugees Mostly Muslim Men in their 20’s?
By the way, a Syrian passport was found on one of the suicide bombers…

The sophisticated and well-coordinated horrific terrorist attacks in at least seven Paris locations Friday night left the city ‘in flames’ while defenseless people in one of the toughest ‘gun control’ countries in the world were shot down and murdered one by one as their murderers shouted ‘Allah Akbar’….


“O crusaders we are coming to you with bombs and rifles,” a top propagandist from an unofficial ISIS media wing tweeted in Arabic, (vocativ.com via DrudgeReport.com) The jihadist ended the tweet ominously: “Wait for us.”

Another tweet: “The west used to live quietly and set fire in the Muslim lands with war, but after the emergence of the caliphate [ISIS] the game has changed.”

Further audio and text statements: “They did this in the name of Allah,” the statements said, “and Allah strengthened the hands of the warriors and put fear and terror in the hearts of the crusaders.”

“France and those who follow its ways should know that they remain at the top of the Islamic State hit list and that the smell of death will not leave their noses as long as they continue on their crusade and continue to insult the Prophet and boast their war on Islam in France while attacking Muslims in the land of the caliphate,”

Following the attack, the French president closed the borders.

By the way, did you know that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has nearly 1,000 active probes involving the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) inside the United States? (judicialwatch.org) Did you also know that .gov says they’re set up in all 50 states of the country?

Question: If they know this, why aren’t they rooted out? Who in our government is prohibiting this? Why has Mr. Obama been apparently sympathetic to Muslim terrorist regimes? When’s the last time you heard him say the words, “Muslim”, “Islamic”, “terrorist” in the same sentence, paragraph, or speech? They (the radical Muslim Islamic terrorists) have been making it VERY CLEAR for years now – that they are out to get us. Why do we not have the backbone to admit it, and take them down…

We know who the enemy is. We know what they look like and where they’re from. But we sit here like fools as they spread like cancer into Western civilization. The only world leader who is doing anything right now is Putin, while the rest sit on their thumbs.

Perhaps the sickness of political correctness has gone so deep into the soul of America that people are simply paralyzed as these monsters cut off the heads of Christians, throw gay people from the roofs of buildings to their deaths, degrade their women, and rampage through Europe while killing in the name of ‘Allah’. All the while they’re breeding like rabbits…

If you think all this sounds harsh, too bad… you need to face the facts as to what is going on out there. You might think that you’re living in ‘lahlahland’ here in the US, but you better get ready because not only do we have open borders as they and others stream in, but they’re already here and waiting for their orders.

End of Rant.

Your turn…