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POLL: Will A Hot War Develop Between The US And Russia?

October 11, 2016, by Ken Jorgustin


Especially during these last months, the mainstream has been increasingly demonizing and vilifying Russia. There does not appear to be any effort to deflate tensions or to work with Russia (e.g. battling ‘ISIS’ together) but rather instead to alienate and threaten them while they support their long-time ally, Syria, who is currently battling through a civil war.

The ‘powers-that-be’ in the West have been trying to overthrow Syria for several years, apparently via proxy ‘rebels’ (ISIS, and other terrorist groups for hire). Especially of late, these ‘PTB’ are accelerating their actions. The thing is, Russia has been responding in kind. There is a ‘ratcheting up’ going on, and it feels like one day it’s going to ‘unwind’ as a trigger point is reached whereby the US and Russia will be directly involved.

The question is, will the US and Russia get into a ‘hot’ war with each other over all this?

Participate in our anonymous poll and let us know.

POLL Results:
Most participants feel that it is likely that a ‘hot war’ will develop between Russia and Syria.