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Syria, Turkey, Russia, USA… WWIII?

December 3, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


As I watch the current events unfold in the Middle East, namely Syria, I am watching the beginnings of World War III unfold as the first layers of the onion begin to peel back…

For those of you who have been following world events (beyond the alphabet channel mainstream news), you know that my gut feeling is right (although I hope I am wrong).

NATO (the United States) has been wanting to oust Assad (president of Syria) for years… There have been a number of instances where they have tried, but have been stopped due to various public awareness exposures and political maneuverings by Assad himself.

Here’s the thing folks… Syria is an ally of Russia, and our current ‘leader’ appears to be hell bent on triggering WWIII while he thinks that it’s just a game of checkers while Putin has been brilliantly playing chess.

Nearly every day I read alarming reports that clearly indicate a ratcheting up of this conflict while the proxy players make their moves. It’s clear as day…

It is relatively clear that ISIS is a proxy for NATO when they’re inside the borders of Syria.

It is a well known fact (for those who read the news beyond ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, CNBC, MSNBC, XYZ…) that ISIS has constant caravans of oil tanker vehicles moving from Syria to Turkey where they sell their bootleg oil – as Turkey funds and arms them with weaponry. The ‘oil for ISIS’ smuggling operation is apparently bringing in 2 Billion in annual revenue – which can buy a-lot of weaponry…

Here’s a thought:
“Terrorism without money is like an animal without teeth”

Are the U.S. spy satellite operators asleep? No, they are (and have been) fully aware of these caravans, but choose not to disrupt them. That right there should tell you exactly what’s really going on…

Side Note: Remember ‘Benghazi’? A cover-up of guns to Syrian ‘rebel’ fighters…’ISIS’?

Russia has clearly and on numerous occasions posted imagery of the ongoing ISIS oil supply chain. Has the U.S. mainstream media exposed this obvious oil-for-money-and-weapons trail? No, they have not (to my knowledge). That’s because our mainstream media is essentially an arm of this regime. Instead, the latest talking points (parroted word-for-word on all alphabet channels) are that global warming has caused ISIS and terrorism. It’s absolutely insane…but that’s another story.

Here’s another thing folks… Turkey is a NATO country. In other words, an ally of the United States. Why? (as a pawn country). Turkey is apparently assisting the funding of ISIS and Russia knows this. Russia is bombing ISIS oil centers in Syria while apparently the U.S. regime cringes as the next move is played out on the chess board.

It seems clear that the current U.S. regime is apparently (and has been) indirectly helping ISIS while they do their dirty work in Syria while their promotional propaganda arm (the mainstream media) remains conveniently silent.

Remember the recent shooting down of the Russian fighter jet (by Turkey) as the jet apparently flew through a sliver of protruding airspace for 15 seconds? Since when does any country shoot down a jet while they were quite obviously not on an attack of Turkey…? It was another ‘shot across the bow’…

This has become a very dangerous ‘game’ between two of the world’s biggest superpowers, and I swear that one particular ‘leader’ needs his head examined for delusional and apparent psychopathic behavior. It’s just plain crazy… in my opinion of course…

The only reason I can come up with (other than dictatorial crazed lunacy) ties in with the fact that the ‘real’ economy of the West is on the brink of failure (again, if you follow mainstream media – you have no clue whatsoever). World War may be their plan to reset this thing…

The elephant in the room however is the fact that the U.S. and Russia are armed to the teeth with enough nuclear weapons to end us all…

Do you think cooler heads will prevail? I have my doubts.

To better understand the perspective of what’s going on, it helps to read (and watch) the news from Russia and elsewhere. While there is undoubtedly propaganda in the news on both sides, the Russians are apparently looking at this situation quite different than how most of us think. This is a very, very serious thing for them and frankly the words they’re saying are indicating that they are not going to back down.

Remember not too long ago the nuclear ‘test’ missile launch on the West coast one evening – purposely and clearly visible in the skies above LA and San Francisco for all to see? This was obviously another ‘shot across the bow’.

Do you know that just a few days ago ‘O’ very publicly announced that he’s sending Special Ops to Iraq (why would he publicly announce this?) – as the Shiite leaders there vowed to kill them on site… So much for that ‘undercover’ Ops… It seems ‘O’ WANTS them as a target so as to ignite something further… WTH?

RT News apparently just reported that 2,000 fighters, 250 vehicles and hundreds of tons of ammo have been sent in the past weeks from Turkey to Islamic terrorists in Syria (again, Turkey is an ally – so why are they supporting ISIS?)

This same report states that Britain plans to enter this war.

A brave U.S. Congresswoman (Tulsi Gabbard) just recently warned the American people of the potential for a devastating nuclear war due to the Obama regime’s ongoing actions:

“Russia’s installation of their anti-aircraft missile-defense system increases that possibility of — whether it’s intentional or even an accidental event — where one side may shoot down the other side’s plane, and that’s really where the potential is for this devastating nuclear war.”

And what about the waves of Syrian ‘refugees’ that ‘O’ is bringing into the country while he’s pressing for tens of thousands more as State governors resist? Did you know that ‘O’ is ‘going after’ the States who are resisting?

And now we have just had a terrorist Jihad attack in California by Islamists – whereby a neighbor who had been seeing a “half-dozen Middle Eastern Men leaving a nearby apartment” (which was highly unusual for the neighborhood) did not report it due to his fear of ‘political correctness’… Did you know that within minutes of the attack ‘our’ president immediately called for more ‘gun control’ instead of focusing on the condemnation of the horrific actions by the vermin themselves…?

People – we are in a quagmire of a mess. We have a president who is seemingly hell bent on a war with Russia (don’t forget China…), all the while he is bringing in more and more Syrian (and other) Islamists into this nation while our southern borders pour in even more.
His cause and solution are ‘global warming’ and ‘gun control’.

Does anyone else see the absurdity of what’s going on? Or am I alone…