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Why Are Most Of The Refugees Mostly Muslim Men?

October 22, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


For many weeks we have been hearing about (and seeing reports of) ‘refugees’ across the Middle East as they make their way into Europe. If you do your due-diligence and look beyond the mainstream images, you will discover an undeniable fact. That is, most of them are young men. Just seems odd to me…

I have two questions for you…

1. Why is it that the vast majority of them are young men appearing to be in the age group of 20’s and 30’s while there are hardly any women or children?

2. Why is it that Obama is pushing to receive into the United States – one hundred thousand (perhaps 200,000) of this demographic?

There are many images and videos out there in the public domain for you to web-search for yourself if you wish.

Rather than filling this blog post with numerous videos, I chose the following recent video snippet (sourced from Pamela Geller) which shows scores of refugees flooding into Slovenia on their way to Austria in the last 24 hours.

Their gender and sheer crowd size are leading some observers to note: It looks more like an invading army than a peaceful flight of the downtrodden.

It has been approximated that 75% of most so called refugees during these recent weeks have been men, and many are taking notice and asking, “Where are the women and children?”. While the mainstream is apparently focusing on images which do include some women and children, when you dig a little deeper into alternative news, you immediately discover videos and images which show the bigger picture. And it just doesn’t seem ‘natural’. What is going on?

There are apparently Iranian migrants, Syrian migrants, Afghan migrants, and others, streaming into Germany, Austria, and many other countries – including the UK, London, and even Paris. The reports are endless as to where they are coming from and where they are going. There are also lots of reports of public outcry from various European countries which are being flooded (enabled by their ‘leaders’). Especially, recently, Germany (for example).

Why all the sudden, and why are they mostly young men?

Does anyone believe that these people will assimilate?

I’m just asking. Don’t go all ‘PC’ on me, as it is fact as to their Islamic ‘faith’ and their demographic makeup, as well as the fact that Obama has the desire to receive hundreds of thousands of them. Why would he do that and where would they go?

Do you believe that it is entirely and only about ‘humanitarian’ assistance? Or is there more to the story? Again, why are they mostly young men?

…let’s hear from you.