2011 U.S. Govt Spending Illustration


An eye-opening illustration of the staggering amount of money that United States government plans to spend during 2011, 3.7 Trillion dollars, or 10 Billion dollars a day.

Put aside the politics within the video (I know there are all sorts that visit our site), but concentrate instead on the illustrative facts which offer comparisons of taking money from the non-government sector as we go through the calendar year, to pay for what the U.S. government plans to spend this year.

I believe that part of the purpose of the video’s author, Bill Whittle, is to illustrate how some are pitting the ‘rich’ and Corporate business against the ‘not rich’ to form class-warfare, however I was struck by the effective way in which he highlights how much money it would actually take to pay for one year of government spending – without borrowing any money from the Fed. This specifically starts at 2:30 into the video.

IMO, one of the greatest risks that we face today (and tomorrow) is the out-of-control financial systems that have borrowed and ballooned to such an enormous scale, and are seemingly barely holding together as a house-of-cards.

Thanks to one of our Readers for emailing the link.

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