John Embry on Gold and Silver


John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist of Sprott Asset Management LP, discusses his views on gold and silver.

The following two video interviews with Mr. Embry present an amazing insight into the world of gold and silver, as well as the condition of the current financial situation. His confident and relaxed demeanor, along with his very clear logic and knowledge of the industry and economics makes this a treat to watch, and well worth your time to further educate yourself about what is really happening in this area.

Incidentally, having just discovered these videos and watching them myself, they reflected very accurately my own personal opinions about the subjects that he speaks about – so much so that I felt it very worthy of a post for those that are inclined to have a look.

Talking Points:
How should I own precious metals?
How much gold and silver should I own?
Central bank buying will push gold prices up
Will gold have an official monetary role?
Are gold and silver money?
Will governments confiscate gold?

Talking Points:
Recent silver price correction
Differences between paper market and physical market
We are in the early stages of a massive move in the price of precious metals
Physical shortage of silver
Main-stream press sentiment
It’s not the price of gold and silver that’s changing, it’s the currency
Past the point of no return with U.S. government spending
The dollar is in it’s death throws
Banks and growing derivatives
This is not the time to be holding paper assets
The top of the market is $thousands away in gold and $hundreds in silver

John Embry, an industry expert in precious metals, has researched the gold sector for over thirty years and has accumulated industry experience as a portfolio management specialist since 1963.

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