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Major Stock Market Crash In January

November 30, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin

See the image here at McClellan Financial Publications (mcoscillator.com)

Is there a major financial crash in our near future? You must check out this stunning analogy (link above) between the current day Dow Jones Industrial Index compared with the time period 1928-1929 leading up to the memorable stock market crash…

The pattern of stock price movements looks VERY close to the lead-up to the 1929 top.

A lead-up to just any old top is one thing, but the 1929 top was followed by a memorable decline, which makes it all the more worthy of our attention…

1929-1930 DJIA stock market chart
This is the publicly available chart from the Federal Reserve website (St. Louis), Federal Reserve Economic Research, which looks amazingly similar to today’s DJIA according to Tom’s chart at the link posted above.

To describe his chart, I would simply say to look at the chart above, and then picture a 2nd chart superimposed over it that looks strikingly (and eerily) similar including most of the ups and downs at nearly the same time references.

Is this a prediction?
No. No one can predict the market.

Is this worthy of attention?
Trends are indicators. Often a predictor of the future has been past behavior.

One very interesting implication of this chart pattern analog is that it says that the equivalent of the Sep. 3, 1929 top is ideally due Jan. 14, 2014.

Having said that, no one should take that Jan. 14 date literally, according to McClellan, since the market tends to only approximate the 1929 pattern rather than repeating it precisely. In other words, expectations of precision are just not warranted.

However the patterns are VERY interesting in their similarities…

Read McClellan’s 1929 Analog for the logic behind the scale used in his chart (which is what brings it closer to match that of the pattern leading up to the crash of 1929).

We, and countless other blogs and alternative news sites, have been alerting those who will listen… that the likeliest major disaster that we are currently facing, is an economic collapse.

Just take a look at some of our recent articles on the subject…

Please continue to prepare for this, because those who position themselves ahead of time will stand a better chance of surviving the collapse than others.

No one knows how long the FED and the global elites can drag this out, but this house of cards is very precarious; and with today’s inter-dependencies, derivatives, and other toxic plans being hatched behind the scenes, you need to open your eyes to what’s really happening…