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POLL: Major Economic Event Or Collapse During Remaining Months Of 2015 ?

June 26, 2015, by Ken Jorgustin


I have NEVER before witnessed a time in which SO MANY (other than the mainstream) are predicting, vocalizing, or feeling a horrible gut instinct that a major economic event or economic collapse is nearly upon us in the year 2015. And not just a ‘dip’ of sorts, but an event or series of events that is going to be (or rapidly lead to be) a MAJOR economic collapse.

We are entering the last half of 2015. Many believe that Q3 (2015.75) is ‘it’. The big one.

The poll question for you today is the following:


Update: The poll results are in:


44% of the nearly 500 participants feel that a major economic event or collapse will occur sometime during the remainder of this year, 2015.

30% feel that it will happen during the last three months.
14% feel that it will happen during July – September.

12% feel that collapse /event will happen during 2016.

36% aren’t sure WHEN it will happen, but feel that it WILL happen.

7% feel that it will not happen.

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