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Why the Spreading Global Social Unrest and Chaos?

August 18, 2011, by Ken Jorgustin


Social unrest is spreading across the world, and the causes of this chaos do not seem to be temporary or short-lived, at least in Europe and the US.

What are some of the reasons for today’s social unrest?

In no particular order,


Eroding trust and faith in governments

Deteriorating trustworthiness in our leaders

Apparent lack of responsibility in nearly all levels of government

High unemployment

Insufficient economic opportunity and outlook for individuals and businesses

Increasing restrictions on our freedoms

Globalization destroying the local community

Greed is winning out over sensibility

Governments have become beholden to the international money manipulators

Corporate interests dwarf the interests of the individual

Too big to fail philosophy

Multinational corporation ‘self-interest’

Wide wage gap: corporate executives and workers (seemingly more than ‘normal’)

Cheap foreign labor taking over local jobs and manufacturing (more globalization)

The diminishing of borders

A ‘majority’ of the voting public with their heads in the sand

Devaluation of the purchasing power of currency

An increasing ‘dependent’ class (on the government)


What are some of your own ideas as to why this is happening? (add a comment)


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