Iceland Suddenly Swarming with Earthquakes



Wow, what is going on in Iceland the past 48 hours! There have been 3 concentrated areas of earthquake swarms that are still apparently ongoing.

Iceland is a land of high volcanic activity, probably only second to the Indonesian regions. Iceland is located directly over tectonic plate boundaries and is rumbling with activity, possibly magma movement beneath the surface.

The earthquake swarm location at the southeast of Iceland is located near the Krisuvik volcano. The swarming is highly active at this moment  and is mostly concentrated at a ridge location about 2.5 km to the east.

Map showing earthquake swarm location near Krisuvik volcano, Iceland


Another earthquake swarm is suddenly occurring near Arnarvatnsheidi, located in west – central Iceland, a location of flat highlands riddled with lakes.

Map of earthquake swarm location near Arnarvatnsheidi, Iceland


Yet another earthquake swarm has rumbled in the region near the Askja volcano, located in east – central Iceland, directly over a tectonic plate boundary.

Map of earthquake swarm location near Askja volcano, Iceland


I don’t recall this much sudden earthquake swarming in Iceland for some time. It certainly is getting interesting.

Update, 7-Dec-2010, most of the recent activity now appears to be on the Reykjanes peninsula, at the Krisuvik volcano.


Update, 8-Dec-2010, the swarming continues with activity re-building at Arnarvatnsheidi (the plains) and the Askja volcano location.

just the past few hours at Askja (which does not show the previous grouping of earthquakes)


Update, 25-Dec-2010, another swarm at – near – Krisuvik volcano today. One earthquake broke magnitude 3.0, all at good depths (6 – 10 km). Something is going on here…


Update, 27-Feb-2011, another MAJOR swarm at Krisuvik volcano. Link here for the story, Major Quake Swarm, Krisuvik Volcano, Iceland

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