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Merapi Volcano – Eruption Statistics

November 8, 2010, by Ken Jorgustin



With the Indonesian Merapi volcano in the news, it may be interesting to look at some of its eruption statistics. So far the current activity seems normal for its past history and pattern.

The volcano has erupted 102 known times, the first being 8780 BC.

Since it has erupted so many times, I thought I would look at just the last 200 years.

Merapi  statistics during the last 200 years, since 1810

Number of Merapi eruptions (52)

Average number of years between Merapi eruptions (3.9 years)


Highest VEI scale (explosive index) of a Merapi eruption (4)

Average VEI scale of Merapi eruptions (1.8)


VEI 1 (ejects .1 – 1 Million cubic meters of tephra)

VEI 2 (ejects 1 – 10 Million cubic meters of tephra)

VEI 3 (ejects 10 – 100 Million cubic meters of tephra)

VEI 4 (ejects .1 – 1 Billion cubic meters of tephra)

Video of Merapi eruption

Credit: RT (Russia Today)


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