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May-2011 ETNA Eruption
Here we go again…

The magnificent scenes at Europe’s largest volcano took place in the middle of the night, Etna briefly erupting between 2am and 6am local time.

The Etna Observatory – translated to English

April-2011 ETNA Eruption
Etna has sprung back to life as April opens, with new eruptions from the Southeast Crater Cone.

Since the morning of 8 April 2011 a new phase of eruptive activity is under way at the pit crater that lies on the eastern flank of the Southeast Crater cone.

The lava flow continued to be fed, and had reached a length of about 1 km; at the same time frequent but small Strombolian explosions continued within the crater, which rarely threw incandescent ejecta beyond the crater rim.

The 11,000-foot tall volcano had a collection of black smoke more than 2 miles high and spewed lava and shards of magma more than 1,200 feet into the air on Sunday before it calmed down.

This is now the third eruption at Etna since the beginning of 2011.


This ETNA Webcam is high definition

January- 2011 Eruption post:


Mount Etna of Sicily, the largest active volcano in Europe, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, erupted Wednesday night, 12-Jan-2011, and appeared to send some amount of red hot lava down the side of the mountain. Being the night, it is unclear if an ash cloud was sent into the sky.

The sun is just beginning to come up at Etna as this post is being written and I observed what looked like red lava and smoke at the mountain on the following high definition live webcam of Mount Etna.

We’ll see what happens next, as it is now late in the evening in our time zone, and must get some sleep. In the mean time, those of you in Europe just getting up, check out this webcam…

Mt. Etna Webcam

There are several webcams to pick from of Mount Etna within the following link. Cam 5 appears to be in good position for this eruption.

Mount Etna Webcam

Etna has erupted in different ways over it’s age. It has erupted with the ferocity of Mount St. Helens, and has erupted mildly, as it has done five times during the past decade. Perhaps this is another mild one. Or not. We’ll see.


The eruption, lava flow, and some ash plume began at the Southeast Crater. The local airport was forced to stop service for a time.

From BNO News, Sicily, “at around 9.30 p.m. local time on Wednesday, a small eruption at Mount Etna sent lava down the mountain. “Shortly after [9 p.m.] an overflow began from the edge of the east pit crater,” a statement from the institute said, adding that the lava flow was expanding in the direction of Valle del Bove”

A vulcanologist and expert on Etna said, “We expected further episodes at similar intervals, and also thought they would get stronger with time… things did accelerate maybe a tiny little bit faster than we had imagined … Etna’s lava fountaining may go on for weeks or even months.”


Video of Mt. Etna eruption on January 12, 2011

Mt. Etna, 15-jan-2011, 0630 UT, still smoking

Satellite image of Sicily and the Mount Etna eruption plume, from space.


Mount Etna Eruption Eruption, July, 2011

Mount Etna volcano on Sicily, in southern Italy, started erupting again at the weekend, sending flames and sparks shooting 250 metres into the air, and flows of lava down its slopes.

BBC video of July – Etna – Eruption


Update, August 30, 2011
By Associated Press, Published: August 29

ROME — Mount Etna is spewing out ash and shooting spectacular bursts of lava high into the air as the eruption on the island of Sicily intensifies. Mount Etna’s eruption intensifies a week after Sicily’s volcano sprang back to life.


Update, OCT-24-2011, Here we go again…
For the 17th time this year, Mount Etna has erupted once again in spectacular fashion. The ash cloud was carried by a moderate wind and caused the airport in Catania to close.

Video here


Update, JAN-5-2012
Mount Etna volcano is starting 2012 with a bang.
Europe’s highest active volcano rumbles back to life

Italy’s Mount Etna on the Mediterranean island of Sicily has released a column of ash up to 5,000 metres (over 16,000 feet) above sea level. this one producing an impressive eruptive plume after some smaller explosions. This time we had the added bonus of significant snow on the volcano adding to the explosivity of the eruption. The eruption was vigorous enough to even grow its own small pyroclastic cone as well.


Update, FEB-9-2012
Spectacular image of Mount Etna of Sicily erupting on its snow covered slopes.


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