Top 10 Best Weather Radios

January 16, 2011, by Ken Jorgustin


UPDATE: The Best Weather Radio 2016 and all of the reasons why…


List of Top 10 best selling Weather Radios

The list of ‘best’ weather radios

has been evaluated as such based on those available through, and sorted by way of popularity (as of this writing).

Not only should the survival preparedness minded person posses a weather radio, but everyone should consider the value of having one, especially if you live in a severe weather prone area (thunderstorm, tornado, winter storms, coastal, hurricane, flooding, high wind). A weather radio could save your life.

‘Weather Radio’ and ‘NOAA weather radio’ are essentially referring to the same thing. ‘NOAA’ stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a U.S. government organization that manages the National Weather Service and weather radio emergency broadcast network – which transmits alerts and warnings to weather radios.

While browsing for a weather radio, you will also encounter the acronym, ‘SAME’ or ‘S.A.M.E.’. It stands for Specific Area Message Encoding. A weather radio that has S.A.M.E. technology will enable you to specifically select to receive warnings for only the county where you live, groups of counties, or any other specific county. This could be desirable if you only want to receive alerts for just your own location.

There are a variety of models and brands, and tabletop or portables to pick from. Have a look, and discover the range of styles and features that are available.

MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio

Midland WR-100C Weather Radio

First Alert Public Alert Radio

MIDLAND HH50 Pocket Weather Radio

Sangean CL-100 Table Top Public Alert Weather Hazard Alert Radio

Reecom R-1630 Weather Alert Radio

Midland HH54VP2 Portable Emergency Weather Radio

Alert Works EAR-10 Weather Alert All Hazard Radio (Black)

Midland 74-250C Handheld Weather Alert Radio

Radio Shack Hazard Alert Weather Radio