Lithium Iron Battery

The Lithium Iron battery from Iron Edison has significant advantages for solar panel alternative energy storage.

Consider these benefits over Lead Acid:

1. SAFE. Unlike lithium-ion ‘cobalt’ batteries that you may have heard about (catching fire in laptops, mobile phones), the Lithium Iron phosphate battery from Iron Edison (made in Denver Colorado) will not explode or catch fire. It’s thermal stability makes it safe. No thermal runaway.

2. MORE ENERGY. Its electrochemical capacity allows it to store more energy than lead acid. Thus the ability to design smaller more efficient battery sizes. Typically 1/4 the size and weight of lead acid.

3. DEPTH OF DISCHARGE. Incredibly, the Iron Edison Lithium Iron battery can safely be discharged down to 20% state of charge (80% DOD) while maintaining an approximate daily use life expectancy of 6000 cycles. That’s 16 years!

4. SEALED & MAINTENANCE FREE. No venting, no maintenance. Install anywhere.

5. COST SAVINGS. While the initial outlay is seemingly expensive, if you do the math it’s competitively less than other battery choices. When looking at my own cost analysis it was significantly less expensive.

Lithium Iron Battery
Cost Analysis Comparison

This is simply my own comparison between my current lead acid (AGM) battery bank and the closest size Lithium Iron battery from Iron Edison.

When my present battery bank goes, I’m going to seriously look into this.

600 AH @ 48V capacity 400 AH @ 48V capacity
30% DOD (max for 5 yr life) 80% DOD (max for 16 yr life)
180 usable AH (30% DOD) 320 usable AH (80% DOD)
8.6 kWh usable 15.4 kWh usable
 $      7,200 cost of AGM bank  $   14,900 cost of Lithium Iron
5  year life span 16 year life span
 $      1,440 cost per year  $        931 cost per year
 $          120 cost per month  $           78 cost per month
 $               4 cost per day  $             3 cost per day
 $         0.46 cost per kWh  $       0.17 cost per kWh

New Lithium Battery at Iron Edison – Lower Cost of Ownership
Lithium Iron Battery Specs – Cycle Life vs. DOD

Note: I currently use AGM batteries (which cost more than standard vented lead acid) because I keep them indoors due to cold winter weather which would otherwise SEVERELY degrade battery performance. Lithium Iron can also be installed indoors.

Note: Iron Edison’s smallest Lithium Iron battery (400 AH) has nearly double the usable AH capacity of my present bank (even though it’s 600 AH) due to depth of discharge limitations on lead acid batteries.

Cost Comparison Summary
While the initial upfront cost is heavier, the cost per kilowatt hour is approximately 60% less than my current AGM bank. Plus as a bonus I get nearly double the available capacity ( good for more cloudy days :) ).

You can visit Iron Edison and get their advice if you’re interested.

Tell them you heard about them on Modern Survival Blog.

Disclaimer: Although Iron Edison currently advertises with us, they’re here because I’m impressed with their product. Like I said, when it’s time for my next battery bank replacement I will seriously look into this.

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