As the world’s population explodes beyond 7 BILLION people, India’s borders hold 10% of all humans on the planet, about 700 million. Yesterday, and again today, half of them lost power as the electricity went out and the grid went down… for 370 million people. That’s more people than who live in the entire Unites States!

Let that sink in for a minute… imagine if EVERYONE in the United States lost electricity, and the ensuing chaos that would erupt after awhile.

The massive power outage in India apparently lasted for about 9 hours in a country that is conditioned for undependable electricity and arguably is better able to handle life without power than other developed countries where people depend upon it in nearly every aspect of their lives.


NEW DELHI — The world’s largest blackout ever crippled roughly half of India for a second consecutive day on Tuesday, sending officials scrambling for an explanation. Hundreds of trains stopped across the region and, in Delhi, the subway system stalled, and massive traffic jams collected as traffic lights stopped functioning. The root cause of the vast power failure was not immediately clear.

Source: The New York Times

The world’s infrastructure is largely burdening under the load of 7 billion people. Businesses and Governments are not keeping up with a growing populace and burgeoning demands on the infrastructure systems including the electrical power grid, which itself is a patchwork of smaller systems built many decades ago, for the most part.

It may be folly to continue to depend upon these systems to reliably withstand population growth, urban sprawl, increased demands, and the aging of the equipment within the system itself.


10% of the population of the world lost power the other day for half a day! Have you heard about that? It happened again today! Although the systems in India are arguably inferior to other systems, the event should be a red flag for the masses who are sleeping at the wheel, so to speak.

Think about it for awhile. What is it that we depend upon that electricity makes possible?


How about an alternative energy source for our homes, or at least a backup plan?

Do this… Consider how you would live your life without electricity for awhile. Break it up into time periods… 24 hours (not much of a problem), 72 hours (many problems arising), 7 days (getting into deep doo-doo), 2 weeks (big time issues), 1 month (chaos), 3 months (complete breakdown and massive die-off).

Think it couldn’t happen? Think again. There ARE things that can bring the grid down. Natural, and man-made. But that’s another story…

Are you prepared?


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