solar generator

The uses for a portable solar generator system are many.

A few solar panels and a corresponding ‘solar generator’ (built-in battery storage, power inverter, controls & connectors) might be used for any number of purposes.

Note that most ‘solar generator’ systems can also be charged up by simply plugging into an ordinary household receptacle.

What can you do with a solar generator?

I thought it would be a good exercise to brainstorm some of the uses for a portable power source such as a ‘solar generator’.

Bear in mind though that some uses will require more energy than others.

A basic understanding of the electrical power requirements from each device plugged into a ‘solar generator’ system will be helpful and important. The knowledge will provide assurance that you have enough (battery storage capacity) to operate for an expected period of time.

It can get a bit technical to fully understand this and any limitations that may exist from one system to another. However I will be covering this in future articles.

But for now, let’s just talk about potential uses for a portable energy storage system such as a ‘solar generator’.

Solar Generator: Applications & Uses

One particular advantage of such a system is that it’s silent. Zero noise.

Emergency backup at home for temporary power outages

Job-site out in the field

RV or trailer



– Battery charger for consumer type batteries (AA, Triple-A, C, D)

– USB charger for cell phones, tablets, anything that operates via USB

– Power a portable refrigerator (especially important if you’re diabetic)

– Freezer (keep it cool during power outage)

– Charging station for communications devices (2 way radios, etc..)

– Laptop computer power

– Keep a pellet stove running

– TV, entertainment

– morning Toast

– Air circulating Fan

– Lights

– Washing Machine

– Power tools / job-site

I do own a few gasoline powered generators and my home is optionally powered by an off-grid solar system including a battery bank energy storage system.

However a portable silent generator is intriguing. While some who have the technical know-how could piece together their own somewhat portable system, a ready-made professionally designed and built system might be the way to go. Nice and tidy. (an advertiser here on MSB), although they did not ask me to post this – I’m just putting it out there that they may be an option for those who are shopping for such a system.

Any other brainstorm ideas for the uses of a silent portable ‘solar generator’?

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