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Credit Card Debt

Unfortunately (but by design) most Americans are saddled with a heavy burden of credit card debt. Having credit card debt, especially credit cards with high balances, will adversely affect your mood and your outlook (whether you realize it or not), and will remain a major obstacle that holds you down …

How Much Can You Do Without?

If your budget is tight, or negative, and you’re wondering how you can trim your expenses, or you’re looking for more ideas to save some money, here are some things to consider as to what you might do without. Even if your budget is on-track, by trimming or doing without …

How To Make Your Own Dish Soap

To make your own home-made dish soap is simple and easy. In comparison with store-bought dish soap, it will save you a surprising amount of money. It only requires two ingredients. Bar soap, and water. Here’s how… (Updated with my specific Fels-Naptha recipe and photos)