Catalog Everything For Insurance

Prepare for the unexpected by carefully making a catalog of all your keepsakes, especially for insurance purposes. Photograph and list your household valuables, along with estimates of their worth. With digital cameras today, it is very easy to snap photos and keep an electronic record of the things that you own.

An even easier method to catalog… walk around your house and video everything. Take time to video (or pictures) of everything in closets, drawers, attic, basement, EVERYTHING. If something should happen (theft, house fire, other disaster) your insurance company will be hard pressed to deny the fact that you owned that stuff. Not only that, but if you’re like me, you no doubt cannot recite everything that you own. You will forgot things. Save the electronic photos and/or videos on more than one location (your laptop, a USB thumb drive) and it is best to keep a copy offsite too (or in your bugout kit in your car).

Keep close records of all your accounts. Insurance, banking, credit, loans – including the number, expiration date, and customer service numbers for each.

Photocopy the crucial contents of your wallet. Many printers today have built-in functionality for making digital or hard copies. Things like your driver’s license, credit cards – front and back, health insurance card, etc.

Once you’ve documented everything, make three copies. Keep one at home, preferably in a fire-resistant lock box, one in your emergency kit or bugout bag, and another with a family member or trusted friend.

Advanced preparations, like making a  catalog of your possessions and important items in your wallet or other documents, is crucial prep work to make your life easier following a disaster that impacts you… especially one where you will need proof.

Taking pictures or videos of your possessions is simple, and requires no real need for security afterward (apart from keeping records of it offsite in case you suffer from a fire, etc.). Keeping records of your personal data such as drivers license, loans, and other private documents will require some thought regarding security. Consider keeping a Safe.

Don’t procrastinate. Start thinking about your catalog today…


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