Control Of The Internet – It’s Coming Fast – Are You Ready?

Something to think hard about….

The following is a comment from “Modern Throwback” on the Open-Forum. I’ve copied it here as an article. It is food for thought. “The Powers That Be” have a high priority on information control of the internet. They drool at the Chinese censorship model (thanks to Google’s help). The way things are going here, and especially if the Marxists gain control in November, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit. We’re already seeing it – big time. Ask me how I know. Answer: Because I have already been quite affected by it. Okay, on to the article…

Guest article by “Modern Throwback”

The Internet is changing rapidly. Not because of any advancement in computer-related technology. The changes are taking place because of tight-fisted commie clampdowns and the radical leadership running the big show.

Television, especially ‘news’, provides nothing but controlled propaganda, as you know. Television is the best model we have to demonstrate how ‘all-things-Internet’ will be managed in the future:

Social media, websites, blogs, video sites, businesses, search engines, will be completely controlled.

The ultimate goal is for complete control of the Internet world. To continue controlling the world, powerful people need control of the Internet. It is critical.

We are already seeing this. Brazen censorship at Twitter. Demonetized videos on Conservative YouTube channels. Cancelled Twitter and Facebook accounts. Controlled searches on Google. Deleted blogs everywhere.

For far too long, the Internet gave individuals too much personal power. Too much knowledge. Too much individuality. The powerful people know these things must end. The world of people can not be permitted to think independently. Nor can the world of people be allowed to negatively act or react to dictatorial ideologies.

The powerful people have been joined together in previous agenda-driven goals. They are now joining again to form an increasingly powerful conglomerate that will control people, and the Internet. We are watching this happen now.

Their goals include complete Internet censoring and blocking of any non-conforming Conservative opinions and websites by any means necessary. We are all watching the conglomerate of powerful people rapidly pushing their agenda right now.

Outright censorship has increased dramatically (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). Revenue streams are being blocked (YouTube). Sponsorships and advertising are starting to be controlled. Member accounts are being deleted if the subject matter is not in alignment with Leftist ideologies. Even online product purchases are unable to take place with major credit cards due to the merchant agreements based on Leftist ideologies.

Soon we will face the Internet Lockdown.

Are people ready for Internet Providers to deny service to customers? It’s coming. Before long, the Five-I conglomerate will regulate the Internet and the service available to connect to the Internet. You, as an end-user, have been tracked online for a long time.

The Five-I conglomerate has been watching, recording…monitoring end-user activities. They are making their moves now.

Who is Five-I? Five-I is a term that I coined. They are a conglomerate of very powerful Big Tech corporations:

Microsoft, Apple, Google (including YouTube), Twitter, and Facebook.

The Five-I conglomerate have a majority control of all-things-Internet. Although this is a monopolistic and quasi-racketeering scheme, the Five-I conglomerate is getting away with controlling the Internet, as well as the tech world.

Have Microsoft and Apple already created the controlling software applications to plug into their operating system? Do their new systems have this Internet-control software embedded so deeply that the average user can’t operate the computer without it? Which update will force end-users to install controlling software that will forbid them access to websites that the Five-I does not approve of?

When the Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) Join in

The biggest thrust to total Internet control will take place when the Five-I conglomerate forces available ISPs to change how they conduct their business. When this takes place, Conservatives and Liberty-loving individuals will no longer have the ability to use the Internet freely.

The Five-I conglomerate will dictate who can obtain an ISP and what content (and websites) will be available on the Internet. The Internet will no longer be free for individuals to choose the websites they want to use. Five-I will determine which websites are ‘non-compliant Internet websites’ that have been “regulated” and are no longer available.

This evening, after writing this, I learned that Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile temporarily shut down President Donald Trump’s campaign texting program. Trump’s campaign texting program is the basis of the President’s digital platform. (Story at Breitbart) These three powerful communications corporations provide Internet service connectivity to millions of Americans.

This action is more than election tampering. This is a deliberate monopolistic display of Internet control through a communications conglomerate that wants to lock down the Internet.

Are you preparing for the Internet Lockdown?

There is a high probability that you will lose your Internet connectivity. What alternate comms do you have at-the-ready? Have you obtained hard copies of all pertinent information you need and want? Have you removed any “cloud storage” so that you don’t lose your data/information? Do you have different means to communicate with others when the Internet becomes controlled, or disappears?

[ Ken adds: What struck me while reading what “Modern Throwback” said was the realization that “complete control of the internet” is so very close… The last piece of the puzzle is getting the major Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) on board. Once that happens, it’s over. ]

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