Deputy Stan Lenic Defends The Rights Of Americans

This ‘must see’ video will actually fill you with pride and hope for America. In this video we have two young Americans who are handing out flyers at Albany Airport pointing out how we have the right to ‘opt out’ of getting scanned. Given the unknown potential dangers of these scanners (particularly for frequent flyers), it seems like a logical and good alternative to opt out and go through another TSA line instead.

Well, the problem begins when (TSA?) airport officials show up and come down hard on the two young people passing out flyers. They display an obvious over-the-top intimidation while hoping that the two young citizens who are ‘acting out’ will simply comply to his macho authority. Well guess what… these kids knew their rights (while the authoritarian did not).

Next, the sheriff’s department shows up. Well guess what… after some sorting out of the situation, Deputy Stan Lenic defended the rights of the two young people who “were doing nothing wrong”! He could have easily gone with the flow of authority and simply yanked them out of the airport. But he did not! Thank GOD there are still peace officers like this who THINK for themselves and will defend the constitutional rights of American citizens!

Watching the result of this video, (PLEASE WATCH IT IN ITS ENTIRETY), gave me renewed hope. I’m so used to seeing, hearing, and reading about how we are getting trampled upon by ‘big brother’ and the rest… well this one is a positive reaffirmation that we still live in a free country, so long as their are law enforcement officers that are willing to stand up to the tyranny that is all around us.

Thank you Deputy Lenic. Really. Thank you.


You too can thank him…

Albany County Sheriff’s Dept
16 Eagle St Ste 314
Albany, NY 12207

518-487-5037 (fax)



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