How To Get Notified Of New Comments

I am going to describe a feature here on the blog (in case you didn’t know about it). It may be helpful to some of you for more efficient communications during comment discussions or article topics of interest.

I recently updated its functionality in case you’re interested.

There are three ways to get notified of new comments:

  1. New comments from a particular article
  2. New replies to any of your comments (regardless of where they are)
  3. Notification of new replies to just a specific comment of yours

Obviously, each of these features require your email address so that you can be notified.

After choosing an option and entering your email, you will automatically be sent an email to “confirm” your choice. If you do not confirm, the feature will not work. So check your Inbox. Sometimes an email is incorrectly marked spam, so check there too…

Unsubscribe any time. Each time you receive an emailed comment notification, there will be an option to unsubscribe.

I’ll illustrate how this works…

“New From This Article”

“New Replies To Any Of My Comments”

“Notify Of New Replies To Just This Comment”

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