It Takes Guts To Say No, Instead Of Going Along With The Crowd


I personally believe that part of the problem with our decay as a modern society is the fact that too many people are afraid to say NO, thanks partly to political correctness and the rest of socialist brainwashing…

It’s easy to simply go along with what those around you are apparently thinking or advocating. To a large extent many people have been programmed to go-along to get-along.

Too many people have been brainwashed by much of the political-correctness rubbish and too many people believe that to express disagreement or dissent will land them in trouble.

Just look at what happened to the parent who not long ago stood up at a school meeting to express his concerns and question a particular federal curriculum… It got him arrested!

Just look at the spying that is going on by our own govt agencies on Americans, and the chilling effect that it is surely having on many of us.

If someone is speaking, perhaps at a speech, and some of the audience starts clapping, there are too many people who clap just because the others are clapping – because they don’t want to feel ‘odd’ if they do not clap…

Have you ever heard the saying that to say nothing is the same as consent?

If there are things or issues going on around you that you do not agree with, you may be complaining about them in the privacy of your own home… but if you say nothing and do nothing about it outside of your personal sphere – then it is the same as consenting with what that thing is.

The easy way out is to clap and say yes.

The harder way is to say no and explain why…

Too many people today are not taught to THINK. I believe that critical thinking does not come naturally. It is something learned. There are too many minds full of mush today from people who cannot think.

At least for those of you who do know how to think, the next time you get pissed off about an issue, here’s a thought… GET A PAIR and say/do something about it!



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