Merry Christmas


Wishing all of our visitors a Merry Christmas!

I took the photo (above) one evening during a snow squall after having earlier wired up the lights on the 4-foot ‘fake’ tree outside – tied down on top of a big rock near the driveway.

Well my knot tying must have been hindered by half-numb hands, and although it lasted a few days and nights – a snow storm with high winds sent it airborne and broke the base…

At least I got the photo 😉

Here are a few more of my recent winter photos:

You can barely make out our house nestled among the trees…

We’ve had a few recent ‘sticky’ snowfalls – lots of leaning trees…

Looking up on one of the nearby ridges…

Two lonely coolers out on the deck seem like they’re longing for summer…
Actually we used one for Thanksgiving Turkey brine and the other for leftovers.

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