Modern Survival Blog Has Reached 20 Million Visitors


I have been watching the numbers (given this particular notorious milestone) and we have just reached 20 million visitors here on !

Wow. Thanks to all of you who are also ‘regulars’ here on the site for keeping the discussions going and making it interesting for others who stop by…

When I started blogging back in January 2010,

I could not have imagined that the site would one day cross a milestone of 20 million visits. During those early days, I was excited to just get a few hits during a given day! Being a reader and visitor myself of other popular ‘survival’ and/or ‘preparedness’ sites during that time, I could only hope to garner a fraction of their popularity one day.

I kept at it throughout 2010 as the site’s readership trickled a bit higher throughout the year. By the end of my first year, I figured that I had enough daily hits to actually go after acquiring a vendor/sponsor advertiser – and to my satisfaction I actually signed on a few. This in itself was more motivation to keep on blogging and 2011 proved to be a significantly better year for gaining site visitors.

I’ve always known that through hard work, eventually rewards will come – so I kept on writing each day about whatever peaked my interest regarding the general theme of this blog. The site really started to pick up steam during 2013 (to the present day) as more and more articles not only were read by daily returning visitors, but search-engine results were beginning to lead many people to various articles which ranked high in those particular areas of interest. Even today, a significant number of people are landing here from searching – which is one reason why I strive to keep comment discussions on-track, civil & respectful, and interesting and/or helpful for others who happen to visit one day. This in itself has required lots of extra work, but I feel that it has been worth the effort…

In any event, wow, 20 million. Many have come and gone over the years. Some have stayed for awhile, contributed, and left. While still others are arriving here new and yet others are still here from years ago. I know from statistics that the vast majority of regular visitors don’t comment, but you do stop by to read. Thanks for that. Those who do feel compelled to comment, thanks for that too – it adds a-lot to the overall value of the article itself. I know that when I read other blogs, I enjoy reading the comments for further perspective – although some are filled with ‘garbage’, which is further motivation for me to steer my site’s comments on-track when I have to ‘moderate’, so again, thanks.

When I started 5 years ago, there weren’t all that many preparedness websites (compared to today), while today the genre has exploded with a large number of them (which is a reflection of the ‘demand’ and people’s interest in this area). I am happy to be one of the earlier adopters and a content ‘provider’ rather than simply a content aggregator like so many are today. I’ll also never forget when J.Rawles added me to his blogroll many years ago. I’ve saved that email correspondence which was a psychological boost during that time to keep on going. I’m glad that I did. Here we are today.

I get the distinct feeling (supported by site statistics) that there are more and more people concerned about our future and are recognizing the risky state of affairs that we’re in, both here at home, and globally. More people are seeing through the daily barrage of controlled political and economic/financial propaganda and are getting the ‘gut feeling’ that we’re in deep doo-doo. Things aren’t going to end well. People want to prepare. Since there are essentially no mainstream voices which reflect these feelings, people search elsewhere to find them, and appreciatively many have landed here and elsewhere in the blogosphere genre of preparedness.

As we continue into the year 2015, and as we explore a ranging variety of topics, I hope you’ll keep coming back for a visit or to leave your comment and opinion.

Thanks to all.


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