National Geographic Channel: Doomsday Preppers


National Geographic Channel’s new ten-part series DOOMSDAY PREPPERS gets up close and personal with those stockpiling for survival. The series premieres Tuesday, February 7 with back-to-back episodes at 9 p.m. ET/PT

The NGC publicist for the show contacted Modern Survival Blog to kindly let us know about the upcoming series, and they have sent us advanced screenings of several episodes to review. We of course are excited for the opportunity to comment regarding the show and are looking forward to the exposure it will bring to the preparedness way of life.

We will be viewing the advanced screenings this evening and will add our candid opinion of what we see. We’re looking forward to viewing the high quality production, a standard trait of National Geographic, while at the same time we will be curious as to the up-front and underlying messaging within the episodes.


We have lots of questions, including,

Will the episodes exemplify the realistic ‘doomsday’ scenarios that exist today?

Will the preppers in the tv show represent the main-stream-prepper or will they represent those who may be considered extreme, and out on the edge? Or a combination thereof?

Will the preparedness actions taken by the preppers in the tv show reflect the actions that you or I would take?

Will the overall message of the series inspire non-preppers to realistically stop and think about it for themselves?

Will it help or hurt the prepper movement?


We will keep this post highlighted on the blog throughout the NatGeo ‘Doomsday Preppers’ tv series (Tuesday nights) and will be adding to it after each broadcast episode. I highly encourage you to comment with your opinions as this unfolds, and I look forward to a healthy debate!

Check back often!


NatGeo TV Blogs: Doomsday Preppers

National Geographic TV Series, Doomsday Preppers


Update, FEB-3
Each episode apparently consists of several segments, each prepper segment being motivated by a particular ‘doomsday’ scenario. I viewed 3 episodes, 9 segments, and without spoiling it I would say that there are a variety of scenarios (some more realistic than others) and various degrees of apparent over-the-top lifestyles or actions taken to be prepared. Many of the initial episodes appeared to indicate that the preppers were full-time, hard core, and seriously getting ready for the end of the world as we know it. A few of the subsequent episodes exemplified folks who were still very serious about their preparedness while apparently not quite as extreme as some of the other segments. It will be interesting to watch them all.



FEB-7 Episodes
During the initial 2-hour broadcast, there were a total of 6 segments and 6 scenarios of motivation; pole shift, San Andreas earthquake, global oil crisis, electro-magnetic-pulse EMP, financial collapse, and New Madrid fault zone earthquake.

Of these doomsday scenarios, in my opinion the likeliest is financial collapse, although following each scenario segment the narrator promptly dismissed the likelihood as nil to none. I believe he may be particularly wrong regarding financial collapse, but that’s nothing new regarding main-stream reporting.


I was happy to see the variety of scenarios and geographical locations of the chosen preppers, and I looked for new interesting helpful nuggets rather than the negative.

Here’s what I found…

Alternative power systems such as solar or wind generators should be spread around if possible, rather than a design that relies on one central system, because if it should fail, then everything’s ‘down’. In other words, multiple inverters, multiple panel locations, etc.

Cooking with methane gas rather than wood. Wood obviously advertises your location from smoke and smell. Apparently the methane gas that they process, is odorless – counter-intuitive from what you may think.

Many preppers had assembled ‘teams’ of friends and family rather than solely a couple. This is advantageous because no one or two people can do or know everything, just like a typical community or society in general. That’s what makes it work.

For bug-out, have cash and coin on hand. Know about edible plants that are likely growing all around you.

If you live in the city, you better have solid evacuation plans, as it will be difficult to either bug-in or bug-out.

A severe ‘natural’ EMP event, such as the 1859 Carrington event, will likely require a year or more to bring the grid back up. This particular event may be more likely than most people think. We know that it WILL happen again, we just don’t know when of course.

A Faraday cage for protection of electronic devices such as communications radios, or any other, will be essential for protection during an EMP.

Ordinary eggs slathered in mineral oil will preserve them for 9 to 12 months. I did not know that!

Knowing and being proficient in techniques of self-protection may be crucial to your survival during times of chaos.

Living on a farm, even a small farm, is essential for long-term self sufficiency during a collapse. This cannot be emphasized enough. In addition, the skills that go along with a lifestyle of gardening, food preservation, livestock, etc. are equally essential.

Bartering will become the way to obtain goods and services that you do not have, if the economic system has collapsed.


FEB-14 Reader comments:
“I wasn’t going to watch anymore…but now I feel compelled to see if they are promoting an agenda attempting to portray preppers in a light of a bunch of incompetent firearm wielding lunatics.”

“…and hyperinflation will not happen because the “experts” say that we are going to have a “modest” growth of 2%.”

“That firefighter is trying, but he needs to escape from NYC.”

“Have seen those people before in Pasadena, and during a food crisis they better have a force field around that little oasis or some Star Trek weaponry because they are going to be overrun by hungry people like millions of army ants…”


“I liked the multiple uses of booze. (barter)”


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