NBC Series, “Revolution”, Portrays Life After The Blackout


For one of the major main-stream television networks to produce and air a television series about ‘life after electricity’, apparently after some sort of EMP event, is quite interesting.

The recently released trailer for the upcoming Fall series, “Revolution”, portrays life 15 years after an event that terminates all electrical power on earth. I’m not quite sure how they rationalize that 15 years later there is still no electricity – although I could hypothesize that since so many will be ‘wiped out’ after the first year that maybe there simply isn’t enough manpower and facility left to do so… considering that most people in developed nations would perish within a year under such conditions…


NBC apparently believes there is enough main-stream interest in the topic to commit production money to produce the show. Given the extreme number of YouTube views of their preview already, I believe they’re on to something…

We’ll have to wait until the Fall premiere to know more. I for one will be watching with interest… and will probably have to look past some of the typical on-screen ‘non-realities’ of some of the unreal-ism of what life would actually be like under these circumstances.

Nonetheless, there are bound to be some new interesting thoughts to come out of it.


(YouTube removed the video)

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