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Online Scanner: Police-Fire-Emergency

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One tool for situational awareness is a scanner. There are standalone ‘hardware’ scanners and there are online scanners (software), the latter of which are convenient and often ‘free’ services which you can simply run on your PC or smart-phone.

Here are a few online scanners which I’ve come across.
I’m also interested to know any of your favorites…

A police scanner is a tool which may be of value during an emergency situation, or simply for casual enjoyment while listening to what’s going on in your region.


Note: We have no affiliation or advertising interest with these companies.


Online Scanner for PC or Laptop

The most popular online scanner which will run from your internet browser on your PC or laptop seems to be broadcastify.com.

Here’s their link which displays a map of the United States, enabling you to select your state and then your county – which in turn displays a list of available online scanner feeds.

Here are their top online scanner feeds at any given time:
Top Online Scanner Feeds


Online Scanner For Apple or Android

One of the popular online scanner apps for Apple or Android products, is ‘5-0 Police Scanner’.

From your own portable device or smart-phone you can search for and download the app.

5-0 Police Scanner for Android

Often with these free online scanners, the reason they are free is because of the ads that they place alongside or integrate with the app. Some of these apps provide an update to eliminate these ads (for a fee) – if that is an issue for you…


Recommendations and Favorites

There are multiple ways to stay informed during an emergency situation (ordinary AM-radio, TV broadcast, emergency alert radio, hardware scanners, other communication devices), however having an online scanner app on your existing smart-phone or PC will provide quick access to local or state Police, Sheriff, Fire, Rescue, and other emergency transmissions – to provide you a ‘heads-up’ as to what’s happening.

This online resource provides an extensive list of scanner frequencies:

Let us know of your own favorite online scanner app…
Recommendation for a standalone scanner?

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