secure private email providers

Secure Private Email Service Providers That Won’t Track You

secure private email providers

If you are someone who may be especially concerned about having an email account that tracks you (e.g. for targeted advertising purposes), or if you’re simply skeptical about these companies having records of your email correspondence in their servers, there are alternative email solutions that may put you at ease.

Popular email service providers such as GMAIL, Yahoo, AOL, and the rest of the dominant players in this market are free. However there’s really no such thing as ‘free’, right? They don’t let you have FREE email without underlying reasons…

Companies like Google (Gmail) and others provide free email services while making money from advertisers who target ads to you. Your email content is scanned (read by computers) to build a profile so that relevant ads may be targeted to you while you browse the internet.

These same companies (depending on their individual policies) may keep records of your emails forever (or for a long time). Some believe that .gov has relationships with these major email providers – which may present additional privacy concerns.

Most people though have little or no issue with this. However some of you might…

Here are a few alternative email suggestions:
(I’m curious to hear your own)

1. Pay for an email service provider
2. Seek out a reputable private email provider


Pay For Email

Companies like Hushmail (as one example) do not read or track your email. Instead they charge a annual fee to use their service.

I have been using hushmail for my ModernSurvivalBlog email correspondence for quite a few years. Their secure private encrypted servers are based in Canada.


Email Providers Renown For Privacy

I also use ProtonMail, although currently not using it for MSB communications (but I may change that in the future).

ProtonMail is widely known for it’s private, encrypted, secure email. They are based in Switzerland with very favorable privacy laws.

They offer free email (up to 150 messages per day – plenty for the ordinary user) and other various pay plans with more features.

Individuals have varying thresholds of privacy tolerance. Most people simply are not concerned about their online privacy (of which there is next to none).

Some people have no issue with a company making money off their online activities with targeted ads. In fact some may find it useful to see more relevant ads than otherwise.

Other people are concerned about potential cross-platform interaction with .gov alphabet agencies and these providers (I cannot confirm or deny if this exists). Has anyone listened to Edward Snowden?

That said, there are secure and encrypted methods of communications which are private and kept from prying eyes. I have no affiliation with the two options I mentioned above other than using their services.

More: 10 Ways To Protect Your Privacy


  1. I have been using StartMail for the past couple of years and like it. It is a pay service, but secure and can send encryptic emails with it when need be.

  2. Yea,,,
    Im not exactly on a list to be monitored, and not exactly someone that anyone would even want to steal secrets from,,,
    I think the most exciting email ive had in the last year or so was a discussion about water based adhesives or maybe some different types of flooring. Cutting edge stuff

    1. Tommyboy, I’m fairly sure we are all being monitored. Considering some of your comments you are probably not very close to the bottom of the list of interesting people. I’m often reminded of that old saying from the early 70s. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Sometimes a bit of paranoia is helpful.

  3. Let me tell you a funny joke, here goes. ” I have secure email service by……….” End of joke.

    1. NOTHING is secure on the I-net. Heck, if the Chinese/Russians/High school kids can obtain DOD plans seemingly at will (see F-35) you think your stuff is safe because someone or MSB says so?

  4. We are slowly switching over to Proton mail, at the present time we have the free account. They do offer accounts that can be purchased, which offers upgrades if one requires them. The up grade will let you have more email accounts through their company.

    ‘Just Sayin’ was the one who let us know about this company. Then recently discovered a friend who has a business uses this company for their clients due to the privacy it provides.

    As for pay for email accounts why not. No such thing as a free lunch…as in the big G accounts and others, it may be free on our end but really it is not. We are a magnate for the businesses targeting our wishes, wants an likes.

  5. I have been using ProtonMail for several months, along with their ProtonVPN service. Within a couple of weeks after using the free plan on ProtonMail, I upgraded to the Plus plan, and along with a 20% discount for using both services, my fee is $12.00 monthly, well worth the security and privacy it provides. I definitely recommend this service.

    1. I wasn’t aware they also have a VPN plan. Thanks for that info. I currently am using another VPN provider, but will look into it when this one expires. How’s their VPN speed? Any big hit in that department?

      1. I don’t have any issues with the speed, and really don’t understand the importance of that. I usually click on Quick Connect for ordinary browsing, which seems to be a remote VPN within my own state in the USA, to avoid targeted ads sent to me. It also has a Secure Link feature that gives you a quick connection to a foreign country, and you can also choose which country you prefer. I like ProtonVPN because there is no complicated PGP setup; everything is basically done for you in Switzerland.

        1. As far as speed of ProtonVPN goes, the Secure Link button automatically picks the least busy connection, like Iceland, e.g. Another cool feature about this is when you browse using ProtonVPN, some websites (such as some newsfeeds) will not connect using this VPN, because in so many words, they can’t track you.
          Also, using your ProtonMail account, you can send email from the desktop or mobile app, and replies from non-users will also be encrypted end to end. Note: The free version only allows 25 contacts in your contacts section. Any originating email has to use your desktop or mobile app. You can’t use your Proton email address from a third party email client when sending email, although you can receive email from any other client, but incoming mail from those is only encrypted at the destination (Switzerland).

  6. Having a heck of time trying to post. Nothing like typing something up and having it decide not to do it. : ( Anyway, been using protonmail for a afew months. Over all happy with it. All things ‘Windows’ seem like gmail and have trouble with trying to send things from gmail to protonmail. Actually ‘windows’ won’t let me ad in protonmail as a default. Amazon.Hmm. I changed from g to proton and it won’t pop up and let me click on it- have to enter the addy each time. Interestin how intertwined these things are.

    1. aka;
      A little hint, once you have your comment typed in, do a “Copy” before you send it, that way you have a copy in memory incase it crashes, you can always do another comment and just paste it back in.

  7. I am not tech expert but my tinfoil hat opinion is – A once free and open internet designed and paid for by Americans has now been kidnapped and corrupted. It will continue to be controlled to the point where all usage will be charge for and all users will be targeted either by corporations or the government. Any service that is contrary to the directives of the powerful controllers will eventually disappear.
    Time for the US to start an alternate and open internet. The only answers to total control of our lives by big monopolies is competition that the average person can support – kind of like voting against hillery – that worked well :)

  8. My 3¢ worth.

    There is nada a sever, email, “Secure” computer, anything electronic (that’s hooked to the Internet) that cannot be hacked, period.

    Someone somewhere wrote that “Code” that “secures” that device. And there is Someone Somewhere that knows how to get into or hack your date, Sorry all, just a fact. Even that encryption code, how do you think the “other end” knows what you’re sending?

    WITH that said, yes there are varying degrees of security, and better providers that don’t “sell” your info as Ken mentioned, but again, nothing is “100% secure”.

    Let’s face it even the NSA computers were hacked for crying out loud, and think of all the times we hear of personal information being sold on the markets because some “Provider” (credit cards, SS, Phone # for example) got hacked.

    Ya want to know the ONLY way to keep your information from being hacked? DON’T TYPE IT IN A COMPUTER! But, if you give your info to someone else, a Bank for instance, it’s as good as gone to anyone that really REALLY want’s it.

    Ok, back on track, Email. Yeppers, there are some good Email providers out there that “promise” they will not sell or use your info for profit, I would greatly suggest to use one of those, I don’t, cause I rarely disclose how many rolls of TP I have in an email. Only here HAHAHAHA. So that’s why I get emails from Northern Tissue thanking me for the purchases ?????? hummmmm.

    Seriously though, don’t type it if you don’t want it “out there”. Utah is watching, even those high security Email servers. Tis called the Patriot Act, and yes ‘they’ are protecting us by being “Big Brother”.

    1. Hey NRP, Suckerburg says you can put all your private info, passwords, accounts, SS number, address, … on fakebook and he will protect your information with his life – you know the life in Hawaii behind his privacy walls.

  9. PS;
    Stay the heck OFF F-book and the likes if you don’t want your info sold to every Tom-Dick-Harry in the world.

  10. After working in the computer repair business for 10 years, I too have come to realize that nothing is secure. Yes there are lots of good programs and e-mail providers, but nothing is 100% hack proof. Once you put out an e-mail, its out there for good. I never put any sensitive material in an e-mail.

    1. But that “bleach thing” certainly cleaned up 30,000 emails, or so we are led to believe.

      1. Peanut Gallery, hermit us;
        Not to worry about the 30,000 emails, the Chinese have copies of them all.

      2. Hermit,
        Couple of things here..
        Bleach Bit only cleans the “device” where applied…all originating copies, cc, bcc, copies and thru server copies all still exist somewhere in the ether..
        the PTB only allows us to have/own/use encryption up to the level that can be broken by the PTB…period…COMS safe & secure from point A to point B…but always available to prying eyes in between

        1. Ha, I implied the same in layman’s sarcastic terms. We all should know it is all lies and corruption. But thanks for stating the facts.

    2. Most people are not aware that every large photocopier, such as the ones you see at those printing stores have hard drives. Everything that is photocopied is also copied onto those hard drives. At least that is the way it was about 10 years ago. I doubt it has changed.

      1. restoringBrad;
        Ahhhhhh MAN,, does that mean all those “copies” of my tush are on a Hard Drive somewhere???? HAHAHAHA
        Sorry could not resist that LOLOL
        God it was nice to be young once….. :-)

        1. NRP
          You mean that, over the years, you had to change from portrait to landscape for those prints??? :)

          1. NRP
            At least you havent had to upgrade to a wide format plotter,


          2. Tommyboy;
            Please remember we were talking ‘Tush’ NOT the belly… HAHAHAH

  11. Please take the Five Eyes into account when addressing communications security. Search for terms such as “Five Eyes Intelligence Pact”, “FVEY”, or “Nine Eyes”.
    Refers to a group of nations that have a SIGINT treaty. They recently made an overt threat, demanding back doors into the software and hardware that has not yet installed ones for the benefit of government “investigation” into business and private secured/encrypted information storage and communications.

      1. Now that MSBLOG has my email adress (and now the NSA also ) I must say I enjoyed the visit here and I wish everyone well. It has been a learning experience. Good by to all.

        1. Texas Boy;
          Really, do you think that the NSA does not already have your email address and a ‘help’ of a lot of other information you have? AND your IP address? And your SS# and and and….
          As does 99% of all the sites you visit record your IP address, is all over the place?
          Ahhhh well, Have a good life. Come to visit when ya can.

          1. Exactly! Perfect example- when I read an article on foxnews or something, at the bottom of the article are additional links such as “See what new laws are in your town” and the place where I live is listed. So yes, our info is out there and I am sure has been for quite some time. But what can you do about it? It is what it is!

    1. They would not be dumb enough to put all us bad actors in the same prison – Stalag 13
      But they have to follow our email tracks and catch us first.

  12. The extent of my concern with my privacy extends to me covering my computer’s camera with a label and that is about it. Some may want more privacy but quite frankly I am boring.

    I do not believe my prepping with attract the interest of really large groups. My greatest concern would be if a second amendment issue quickly arises, which is unlikely because they have gone for the slow burn. Besides the first shots will have already been fired long before “they” come for anyone out here on the Northern Plains.

    So if Microsoft wants to read my emails to determine what kind of underwear I buy online….fine whatever.

    1. Same here Keeper,
      Boring, and if some poor sap actually has to pay attention to what im up to i feel sorry for that poor bored SOB,,, that job is worse than watching grass grow

  13. Behind Winston’s back the voice from the telescreen was still babbling away about pig iron and the over fulfillment of the Ninth Three year Plan. The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it; moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard. There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live – did live, from habit that became instinct- in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every move was scrutinized.
    For you young folks reading this it is from the book, 1984 George Orwell written in 1949.
    Young people do not let yourself go to sleep and especially your children. It is coming but be smart.

  14. I use a private email server for my office and NEVER use that for political or other statements. The SUM total of my political rants takes place right here in this arena….and I am sure, you have all noticed, I am careful even with that. Why draw attention to yourself? Especially on a topic you can NOT affect? Only the paranoid survive.

  15. I’ve always assumed that everything I do involving digital communication is or can be stolen, recorded, or listened in on. Heck, I had my first cell phone cloned twice by truckers with digital scanners pulling up beside me on freeways and stealing the codes. Their was a market for pirated phones in New York City where the local cell companies charged extremely high access rates for out of zone users. Got a call from Southwestern Bell Mobile (pre-AT&T) asking my location. Told them I was in Dallas

    1. cont’d—- and they said I had used my phone in NYC ten minutes earlier. We had a laugh, and they killed my phone until I could be assigned a new number. They said it happened quite regularly. Happened again a couple of months later.

      I’m sure they have a pretty good file on me (Feds) since my job put me in intimate contact with every president, vice president, first lady, and their families beginning with Gerald Ford and ending with George W. Hopefully they understand why I spend so much on firearms, ammunition, and related supplies.

      People don’t don’t need to be getting their panties in a wad over Ken having their e-mail address. He’s way down the list of all the people that already have it. Know it, act accordingly, or live in a cold dark cave (that they’ve already marked and mapped). This is the world we live in. Smile, your on camera.

      1. Dennis,,
        Agree with what you say. Those of us who have served our country in other ‘interesting ways’ besides military service are on “The List” of people to be watched. I like to go outside now and then, when the NSA satellite passes overhead and wave. Yup boys! I see you too!

      2. My thoughts are that whatever the .gov wants to have on us, they have. All this info is tucked away somewhere until the time when they need to use it. Whether it is weapons confiscation or some other unconstitutional act that may happen, they already have what they need. To me, it just boils down to, they will leave you alone as long as they deem you not important at this time.

  16. Just thinking aloud,
    So if I had a secure email address what’s the big whoopie?
    I don’t do banking, I don’t buy online, I don’t pay bills online.
    Some my thoughts have gone through online, via email. And I’m sure my recorded phone conversations to consumer complaints are in a vault….somewhere.
    But even so, I have a cell phone, a smarter tv, some have Alexa or ‘hey google’, some have an open y fy. Cities/stores/parking lots have 24/7 cams. Smart meters. Google maps, smart appliances,etc
    There is no escape from modern day technology. We are all on a list and being recorded. Somewhere, somehow, someway.
    Scary stuff……

    1. Betrayed by your fridge. I think many in here would hold the same opinion of their fridge – a temptress and now a snitch.

      1. hermit us
        No wonder I prefer old school appliances that do not hear, keep track of used groceries ,and speak back at you.

    2. Joe c look at the bright side. The Deep State will try HARD not to lose it’s power over US via the spy network and MEDIA, THUS the Grid will be as alive as they can keep it. Even in Venezuela the power grid is priority #1 for President for Life Madros or his ability to control his thugs would be degraded.

      Now on the flip side then if they choose to destroy or turn off our grid then they see us as kills not worth the effort of controlling. I guess that would be useful information level 1?

      Pray for the Republic, Think, act do not react. Don’t give the Media a free ride.

      1. NHM
        I could definitely see TPTB shutting off the lights,
        Easier to thin the heard, eventually all those useful idiots will no longer be useful, voila, easiest way to cull a heard is to let natural selection do it for you!

  17. If I worked for a security agency I’d setup a ‘Private/Secure’ email/VPN service. Then all the interesting people who are after a secure way of communicating/surfing the web would sign up etc, then the agency could just monitor the traffic or read the emails. Who knows we could even turn the agency a profit. All I am trying to get at is, how can you trust a service or a piece of software etc? Just because you pay for it doesn’t make it trustworthy.

  18. OH,
    I too think that the computer has grown beastly . Starve the beast is difficult but can be done, one little morsel at a time . Self reliance takes dedication, discipline and determination, but it can be done .Galt’s gulch may be a destination worth going to .

  19. Just FYI….Verizon did NOT pass through the Presidential alert today. We got NOTHING!

    1. Pioneer Woman,

      I believe you have to have a alert enabled smart phone. My wife, daughter, son, and grand daughter all have them. I don’t, even though I pay for all of them. I still use my $10 blister pack flip phone with an AT&T sim card. They all got the alert, my phone did not. I guess if I’m not with them when it hits, I’ll have to look for the flash and mushroom cloud.

      1. Run my entire office on a SMART phone…Samsung 8+ get all the stupid Amber Alerts….nothing from president!

        1. PW
          We have Verizon, no alert on three phones nor the Ooma phone we have at the home. Guess they just did not like us, oh well no big deal in my book.
          When the alerts go off on someone else’s phone we will know to get home ASAP, instead of standing around looking lost.

  20. Fits today’s topic. Remember the news this morning that some one doxx’d several republican senators, posting their home addresses, personal phone numbers, and e-mail addresses on the net? He’s in jail this evening. He is a “former” democrat staffer. He is charged with numerous violations, including burglary and theft (methinks those charges are to cover for the democrat senator he worked for– “I don’t know how he got that information, Special Agent Sir”). Wonder how they tracked him so quickly? Amazing what they can do when they aren’t trying to track down stuff on Hillary.

      1. I read that he was an unpaid intern that had worked for several other politicians. He was some kind of full time student for all his grown life – living off tax payers and loans, I’m sure. Also a left wing activist – rot in jail I hope.

    1. I think we should just ask the Chinese or Russians who hacked her server for the emails.

  21. We’ve been running our own email/dns/web servers for nearly 20 years now. One in a locked cage at a very well connected co-location facility and one in the basement server room at home.

    Encrypted hard drives, transport encryption and sensitive content PGP encrypted.

    Secure? well since they’re Internet connected, no.. not secure. but more of a pain to compromise.

    That said, there’s really nothing of interest there, but I find comfort in knowing it’s annoying at least one NSA resource :)

  22. Last March, after not wanting to agree to the new “privacy” policy that AOL and Yahoomail had, I signed up for free Protonmail. No, I don’t share any kind of secrets or anything, but the idea that there’s a little less known about me by every company out there was nice. Even if “they” still know everything about me, at least I didn’t give them permission to go through my emails to find it all out.
    I have been so disappointed. It started the first day when I tried to let other people know that I had a new email address. Protonmail thought I was sending out spam because there were so many people I was sending it to. Though frustrating, I understood and appreciated that, and slowly let people know about it over the course of a few weeks, but I know I didn’t get the message out to everyone.
    Then it didn’t take very long before I would run into not being able to send an email because I’d sent out too many, or I’d done them too quickly in a row. I only send out a few a week! Though sometimes things work fine, there have been several weeks that I could only send out one email every three days, and these are emails to just one person–not to groups. Frustrating!
    The last month or so, I have not been able to download anything anyone sent me (pictures, meeting minutes, etc.). It turns out that they Safari now has problems using the encryption software, so I need to use Chrome or Firefox with it. I really don’t want to download another web browser.
    I had the same AOL address for 25 years or so, then I changed it eight months ago, and now I’m afraid I’m going to have to change it again. I don’t know whether to go back to AOL or try something new.

  23. Well, honestly as I’m a bit paranoid most of the time I’m using temporary emails. There are ones that give you from ten minutes to half of a year, some are paid, yet most of them are free. Also, adding to that using a Nordvpn for encrypting my data (on public WiFi connections etc) in addition to these, autocookiedelete addons are really great for hiding even more. The important thing imo, is the vpn. But you could work on Linux as well

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