Some interesting observations from Jim Rogers, co-Founder of the Quantum Fund, “We Have Huge Shortages Developing In Agriculture”.

Farming has been a disaster for 30 years. The average age of farmers in America is 58 because it’s been such a horrible business. The average age of farmers in Japan is 66. In Australia, it’s 58. I could go on and on. In 10 years, those farmers are going to be 68 if they are still alive.

We have huge shortages developing in agriculture and great fortunes are going to be made by the people who address those problems.

Don’t Get An MBA, Go And Get A Farming Degree.

“Well, governments are printing money again. It’s a wrong thing to do but that’s all they know how to do. So between shortages of supply and money printing, if you want to be in the dynamic parts of the world economy, don’t get an MBA and go to Wall Street, go and get a farming degree and move to Asia.”

The information above is a bit frightening in that as more farmers retire, that leaves more and more of our food supply to the big corporations, like Monsanto, where just about every non-organic food product available to consumers has some sort of connection with the food giant. By the way, Monsanto controls 90% of all genetically engineered seeds. In other words, Monsanto controls – and owns patents on – most of the American food supply. When our food consumption choices and our subsequent well-being are left to pure corporate profits and the stock market price, I fear for our health. We are secondary.

While traditional farmers also farm for profit, to feed their families and make a living… community or regional farming will always benefit the community more-so than the corporate giant. Profits are local, foods are grown to optimize the local needs, distribution channels are simple and short, foods will taste better because of it… you and I will eat healthier foods.

In any event, it’s alarming to learn that there are, and will be, less and less farmers over the coming years, in a world of fast growing population and increasing demands from developing countries. Something’s got to give… Can you say ‘higher food prices’?


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