This bank knows the crash is coming, and is preemptively blaming China – although China’s tail-spinning economy is a symptom of the global demise which has been taking place right before our eyes.

More and more high profile people and entities have been sounding the alarm, while the most recent, the Daiwa Institute of Research (part of Daiwa Securities Group – the second largest investment bank in Japan) released a technical report during September which (among other things) issued an underlying and seemingly apocalyptic warning…

Of all the possible risk scenarios the meltdown scenario is, realistically speaking, the most likely to occur…If China’s economy, the second largest in the world, were to lapse into a meltdown situation…the effect would more than likely send the world economy into a tailspin. It’s impact could be the worst the world has ever seen.”

‘Daiwa’ quote as reported earlier this month at

Note: In the coming months I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the entire ‘banking mafia’ saying the same thing as ‘Daiwa’ just did (blaming China for whatever economic ‘doom and gloom’ heads our way next).

Recent news from China: Among the many symptoms being felt in China as a result of the slowing gears of global consumption is their recent layoff of 100,000 workers from a coal company (40% of its labor force). An analyst recently said: “…many traditional State-owned coal enterprises are facing the same kind of problem. It has become more severe as the industry remains on a downward trend,”

The signs are everywhere, and while fingers point to China, and while they could eventually and potentially become the trigger to set the global meltdown in motion, the underlying cause (in my opinion) has been, and is, ‘peak debt’. ‘We’ for decades have lived a lavish life of consumption upon borrowing from the future. We have apparently ignored the saying, “Everything in moderation, including moderation”, while we have spent ourselves up to the capacity to service our own debt. The only reason that the US government is still (falsely) solvent despite its gargantuan debt is the ability to print its own currency via the Federal Reserve and force it upon the world as a mandatory medium of exchange (where applicable) for trade (although US Treasuries are now being dumped globally as we speak while the dollar hegemony weakens by the day).

There are many reasons why the meltdown is coming, and it is well known to the elites.

In fact, the crash has already started. Just pull up a chart of any stock market you want, all are now crashing to one degree or another.

When it happens, the meltdown will be a ‘double whammy’ as war is classically used as a tool to fight depressions – and the coming collapse will be no exception. “WWIII will take care of all the banksters messes…” That’s how it’s been done for centuries.

Note: Avoid standing in front of fans for the foreseeable future.

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