It’s all good, right? Americans still maintain their illusion of wealth and normalcy bias. The economy is ‘functioning’. The picture is painted in a rosy cozy light. Hey! – food is still available, the lights turn on, you can go anywhere and gas up your car. Instant gratification. You can still ‘charge it’ with credit your cards. You can consume your way into debt and indulge in a narcissist gratification of a wealthy self-illusion.

And even the dependent class can participate! All this while the government is quietly doling out subsidies to about 161 million people (more than half the population) according to (The country has crossed the entitlement tipping point..). But hey, who cares? Everything seems to be working… right?

Well guess what… all of those illusions and false realities will collapse into a heap one day, and when it does, the subsequent unrest, rioting, and chaos will become the worst the world has ever seen.

The depth of today’s denial is so deep, that when the present system finally tips over, the anger will become as deep as the denial, and it will turn violent.


Arrogance. So many people think that they are ‘better’ than everybody else. Spoiled brats. The belief that the world owes them something. However when the collapse comes, this self-arrogance will manifest itself towards others and will quickly lead to deep anger and social unrest. Particularly in most all urban areas.

Denial. Most so called ‘good people’ believe that others have the same morals as they do, and somehow it will be okay. Many lack the logic to see through the lies. They do not see the paradigm shift that is coming.

The mass medication of America. Nearly 1 in 10 Americans are on SSRIs (about 30 million). Apparently more than 20 million people use some sort of illegal drugs. 7 of 10 Americans take at least one prescription medication (about 270 million). There are approximately 130 million prescriptions in the United States for just hydrocodone (pain killer). Approximately 42 million people smoke cigarettes in the United States. Approximately 18 million people are alcoholics in the United States. So, how do you think that all this will contribute to the chaos and rioting while so many people may have their supply-chain of medications disrupted?

The ensuing violence after the collapse will be concentrated in urban areas, but will not be limited there. The most damage will occur during the first two months. After that, those left standing will be facing a very deep and long lasting ‘greater depression’ which may pale in comparison to the first. Wealth will be redefined while the paradigm shift will fundamentally change an individual’s (and society’s) view of how things work in the world.

The ‘new world’ may result in a decentralization of power. The survivors will no longer trust big government or wide regional influence, and their former tools and manpower of influence will have fallen back to ‘local’. The surviving locales and communities will become the source of power and assertion of our daily lives. This will likely vary from the tyrannical to the ‘best and brightest’. Where you live (and those around you) will influence or determine which type of ‘new world’ you may face.

…food for thought.

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