The government (Washington) ought to be very concerned about the latest long running poll in which it was recently revealed that Americans trust is now at, or near, record lows in the Executive branch, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the mainstream media (‘the press’).

Given the number of Americans who have lost faith and trust in their government, one can only wonder what might happen following a trigger event such as a major economic collapse

The survey poll conducted by by the ‘Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the General Social Survey’ indicates that…

Americans confidence in all three branches of government is at or near record lows.

Confidence in the press remains at an all time low.


Confidence in the Executive branch

11% have great confidence in the Executive branch of government.
43% have some confidence.
44% have hardly any confidence.


Confidence in the Congress

5% have great confidence in the Congress.
40% have some confidence.
50% have hardly any confidence.


Confidence in the Supreme Court

23% have great confidence in the Supreme Court.
54% have some confidence.
20% have hardly any confidence.


Confidence in the Press

7% have great confidence in the Press.
47% have some confidence.
44% have hardly any confidence.

Americans don’t trust Washington although many are gladly accepting their goodies and handouts. The question is, what will happen when Washington can no longer deliver ‘the goods’?

Not only are we (as a populace) at record levels of government dependence, but at the same time we are apparently quite lacking in confidence – even among D’s and R’s – although Democrats do posses slightly more confidence with the current government, albeit low.

The trends are down, and they have been down for some time. Surely this must be alarming for Washington? I can’t help but contemplate the potentially disastrous results which will be so magnified by the distrusting masses when Uncle Sam stops or reduces the treats. And one day it will…

When it does, will the nation be able to hold together or will it burst at the seams?

It seems we have a recipe for disaster given the current economic house-of-cards, the number of gov dependent people, and the record low levels of trust in gov.

With regards to preparedness, news like this should reaffirm the need to be prepared for potential unrest – should it ever occur. My instinct tells me that things ‘could’ get much worse than many people even imagine. And while the government cheese is still being doled out and the sheeple are mostly fat and distracted, these same sheeple will not be too happy if they start getting only half a slice or none at all… Where will that lead? I’ll leave that to your imagination…

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