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America’s National Parks Under Seige

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What is going on in our ‘land of the free’, here in the United States? Our lives, as Americans are going through many, many changes. Changes that appear to have become the new normal! It is often shocking, the complacency, which seems to have infected most Americans, most of whom are not ‘up in arms’ about it.  According to the dictionary, the definition of complacent: “A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy.”

For example, here are a few news reports I came across recently which have to do with our national parks, and how they are being overrun by smugglers, illegals and drug cartels, while we rarely hear about it in the news or conversation. Evidently most are complacent about it.

Armed Guards Ensure Safety on National Park Tour

As reported in the Arizona Daily Star,


It was a tour of public lands with splendid scenery… – and lethal firepower on hand just in case. The tour last week at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument [Arizona] – was guarded by federal officers armed with assault rifles and other weapons.

…a seasonal park ranger who led last week’s tour, put it another way: “It’s like going into a bad neighborhood” where protection by “armed escorts” is essential.

Smuggling of people and drugs across monument lands had been increasing for years when a single event slammed home the hard fact of deadly danger in the area. Park ranger Kris Eggle was slain while pursuing suspected smugglers on Aug. 9, 2002.

Two thirds of the park referred in the article is closed to tourists that don’t have armed escorts because of the danger of running into smugglers! The overall situation has worsened in many areas, while many, many more have lost their lives.

People! If you need to have federal officers armed with assault rifles and other weapons to take a tour of a United States National Monument, or park, there is a problem! Personally, I don’t think I would be taking that tour, but that’s just me.

How does this happen? I wonder why we don’t hear much (or anything) about this, and why people are so complacent about it. Has it become the new normal to tour some of our national parks with armed federal agents? Yes, I’m afraid so.


Mexican Drug Cartels in Utah National Parks (and more)

Yes, Mexican drug cartel marijuana is being grown on United States public land!

At least several times a week we hear or read something about the Mexican drug cartels and the shootings and killings going on in Mexico. Car bombings in Mexican cities and Mexican children used as mules. But, thank God it’s in Mexico and not here, right? WRONG!

According to a report from KSL TV,

Notorious Mexican drug cartels have their tentacles in Utah, and the top drug enforcement agent in Utah calls it “the greatest threat to public safety.”

“They steal the land, they steal the water, and then they decimate the environment,”

The cartels sell the marijuana in the U.S. and send the money back to Mexico to help continue to run their criminal enterprises. The crews are armed and dangerous.

Mexican drug cartels have been developing large marijuana grows in Utah for years. While Federal agents are working to stop them, last year they destroyed over 78,000 marijuana plants worth up to $40 million on the street. The drug cartels have taken over large sections of public wilderness land in Utah. They have set up irrigation and they patrol their ‘grows’ with armed men.

When the reporter asked the federal agent in charge if the marijuana grows are just in Utah, his response was ‘No’. The agent said they are working against the cartels and their ‘grows’ in Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota and Montana to name a few.

I know we already a have a huge problem with illegal Mexicans crossing our border, but cartel members crossing our border and setting up illegal marijuana farms on our American public lands!!! Yeesh! Come on people! The complacency has got to stop. Look at what is happening to our country! It is conceivable that you could be hiking or tramping through the wilderness and come across one of these grows, and get yourself shot.


Are so many Americans complacent because they just don’t know what is happening? That may be the case with a large amount of people. How can we address the issue? Spread the word. Talk about it in conversation with your family and friends. People should be upset about this. Maybe you will feel compelled to write your newspaper editor, or congressmen (insert sarcasm: like they care). Our border security is obviously lacking, and it needs to be secured. Current federal policy is prohibiting effective solutions. Let’s stop molesting children at airports and worry about securing our borders instead.

It is astounding to me that these sort of things are now happening here in the land of the free. Secondly, I simply cannot understand why Americans are so complacent, that they just accept the situations that are becoming the new ‘normal’.


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