Something that has always bugged me… That is, how we are ‘forced’ and ‘herded’ into one of two ideals… LEFT or RIGHT.

We have been saddled here in the U.S. with a predominantly 2-party political system and I believe that it may be done this way for a reason.

Here’s the reason:


The system, the establishment, the ‘mainstream’ are all apparent cohorts to divide us into two groups and to keep us fighting among ourselves.

Since when are there really ONLY two types of political/personal ideals?!

You might say that in reality there are MANY, MANY more blends of political ideals and outlooks than just two!

It is really distasteful to me.

I am neither ‘Left’ or ‘Right’, as in one OR the other. I understand, as most all of you do, the general (and the specific) definitions of these two group labels, however I am also certain that most people do not entirely fit just one or the other.

This is why more of us might be better off to label ourselves as INDEPENDENT.

After all, we are all independent in our own selves. Right?

One of the things that bug me regarding our 2-party system is repeatedly exemplified for all to see during each and every presidential ‘State of the Union’ address. During and throughout the speech when the president makes various statements, there will be clapping in the chamber. Have you noticed how the clapping and the standing will occur in unison by mostly just one side or the other (Dems or Repubs)?

It’s as though all of our representatives are puppets on a string. They stand together or sit together, while very, very few dare to stand/clap and approve of something that ‘their party’ doesn’t agree with. It disgusts me to an extent.

I ‘get’ that the political infrastructure is such that those who ‘get out of line’ will be punished by their own party. But where are the ‘balls’? Mostly a bunch of wimps if you ask me… Why don’t more of them set themselves apart as independent thinkers?

This behavior is transferred to us too, the public, the citizenry. Most allow themselves to be cleverly pushed into one group or the other. I do realize that it will be near impossible to change it (the current political system being ‘just’ two parties), however I am suggesting that more of the citizenry should stop letting the mainstream push them into these two corners.

There is not a single political party out there that I fully align with. I don’t know the answers, but I do know that more ‘critical thinkers’ and independents will more upset the current apple cart of a 2-party system.

I have used these labels myself (and will continue to) when attempting to generally describe one faction or the other (because people generally understand these labels and their general associated ideals and behaviors). I mostly stuff people into several ‘boxes’ which include Far-left, Left, Center, Right, Far right. I also mostly understand the Libertarian label.

I will likely always call myself an independent – because like a fine wine, I consider myself a fine blend of various ideals 😉

Okay, this has been a rambling rant without having gone back to proof-read and tweak the message. Seems good for a Friday post…

What do you think?

UPDATE: Note, I did not intend that ‘Independent’ refer to the apparent Independent ‘party’. Rather I intended to suggest that perhaps more should ‘think’ as an independent person who is not necessarily tied to a political party.

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