During 1-Jan-2011, thousands of birds (mostly blackbirds) mysteriously fell from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas.

Theories abound as to what may have caused the death of these birds, ranging from secret government Scalar weapons testing, to New Years fireworks, to Lightning.

Local reporting indicates that there had been no lightning in the area for at least 10 hours.

Why would Beebe birds suddenly have a fireworks aversion on New Years Eve, 2011, while not having problems during 4th of July celebrations or any other previous year celebrations.

Secret Weapons
No doubt the government has top secret weapons in Research and Development and I suppose it is likely they have, or are, experimenting with electromagnetic scalar technology, but in Beebe, Arkansas?

A more plausible theory may have originated from a location 50 miles to the south, the Pine Bluff Arsenal Chemical Agent Disposal Site.

The facility was established in November 1941 as the Chemical Warfare Arsenal where the U.S. Army stored approximately twelve percent of its original mustard nerve agent chemical weapons.

Disposal of the chemical weapons apparently began during 2005 and was completed during November of 2010, however “closure operations” and “toxic waste disposal” will continue for two more years.

Could it be possible that a toxic agent was accidentally released into a prevailing surface wind which coincidentally mixed with a flock of blackbirds miles away in the town of Beebe?

It seems possible, but is only one theory out of many that are floating around cyberspace today…

Listen to the local 911 calls – dead birds in Beebe Arkansas

There is quite a contrast in this image, showing this worker in a hazard suit, picking up dead birds, while people on the front porch look on.


Adding to the mystery, shortly afterward approximately 500 Starlings and Blackbirds fell from the sky in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, some 300 miles to the south. In addition, nearly the same time as the Beebe bird kill, approximately 100,000 Menhaden, Croaker, and Spot fish were found washed up and dead in a 20 mile stretch of the Arkansas River.


Hundreds more birds found dead in Wilson County Tennessee (Lebanon), 325 miles to the east-northeast of the Arkansas bird kill.
Hundreds of dead grackles in Wilson County, TN

More dead birds in Davidson County Tennessee (Nashville), some 290 miles east-northeast.
Swarms of Dead Birds found in Tennessee

Dead birds in Clarksville, Tennessee, 270 miles to the northeast.
Dead birds litter Clarksville neighborhood

240 miles northeast of Bebee, Arkansas, more birds were found dead in Gilbertsville, Kentucky.
Dead birds in Gilbertsville, KY


Hundreds of thousands of small fish turn up dead in Chesapeake Bay. Some reports are blaming the giant fish kill on cold temperatures.
Giant Fish Kill in Chesapeake Bay

Birds are also falling from the sky Internationally, as these 1,000 doves in Italy.
1,000 Doves fall from the sky in Italy

In the town of Falkoping, Sweden, dead birds have fallen from the sky, perhaps hundreds. One resident said that as he drove home late on Tuesday night the street in front of him was dotted with “hundreds of dead birds”.
Mysterious Bird Deaths Hit Sweden


Now there appears to be a mysterious fish kill in Brazil where 100 tons of dead fish are washing up on the shores of Paranagua.
Mysterious fish kill in Brazil

It’s not just birds and fish, now it’s crabs dieing in the UK – although blamed on cold – freezing to death.
40,000 Dead Crabs in England – freezing to death

8,000 Italian turtle dove birds that have fallen from the sky in droves, experts blame on “indigestion”.
Indigestion blamed for 8,000 turtle dove deaths in Italy

Thousands of dead fish reported on Lake Michigan, Chicago shore-front. Initial speculation for cause of death – cold weather. Local fisherman says “not normal”.
Major, Bizarre Fish Die-Off Along Lakefront

Hundreds of dead pigeons fall from the sky in Los Angeles on to Sunset Boulevard.
Dead Birds Fall from the Sky on LA’s Sunset Blvd

200 Cows drop dead in Wisconsin. Preliminary reports blame some kind of respiratory virus. ‘Officials’ say there is no threat to humans, although a local veterinarian could not be reached for comment.
200 Steers Die in Portage County Wisconsin

200 dead birds drop dead in downtown Yankton, South Dakota. The local animal control officer said that she has never witnessed anything like what she did Monday. She called the scene “creepy” but said she thinks the bird deaths are just “a fluke thing.”

Hundreds of adult and young seals have died in the area between Hopedale and Makkovik in Labrador. Some blame it on lack of sea ice, however checking the U.S. Navy sea ice map, looks like it’s all ice up there at this time.
Hundreds of dead seals in Labrador

A U.S. government document reveals nearly 4 Million bird kills by the USDA APHIS WS during 2009.
U.S. Government Bird Kill

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