The following graphic illustrates the crack-up-boom of USA national debt since 1950 while exposing the presidents who have allowed it to go on.

For example, the current administration has increased the national debt by 70% since taking office in January, 2009, which has now surpassed $18,000,000,000,000.00 ($18 Trillion).

The problem is – there are consequences. There always are…

Concerned about modern survival?
Then you better pay attention to this:


It’s not so much about the president’s themselves or the political parties, as it is to do with the system at large. It’s broken. Presidents and politicians know that it’s too late. If the purse strings are pulled in – the house of cards fall down. While swallowing the bitter pill may be best for the long run – it’s not going to happen – given the dependent class and given the current war behind the scenes for the dollar’s reserve status.

Since Richard Nixon took the United States off of the gold standard in 1971, the printing presses have been spewing out dollars at high rates of speed – resulting in the appearance of growth through ‘bubbles’ and an increasing dependent class through handouts & benefits. The problem with this of course is that not only has printing dollars and spending ‘money’ created a mostly ‘false’ growth, but a dependent class will violently revolt if the money presses shut down, and the entire economy will implode without it’s ‘fix’ of fresh new debt.

I’m not an expert on the economy, but logic dictates that someone pays for this debt (either now and/or in the future and/or a combination of both).

To an extent, we’re paying for it today with diluted dollars. The purchasing power of the dollar has greatly diminished over time by currency inflation.

The debt has also been spread around the world by the fact that the U.S. dollar has been the world’s reserve currency (e.g. all oil required to be purchased in dollars – else suffer the military consequences).

This however is coming to an end as Russia, China, Iran, and others (BRICS) are now accepting gold for oil and vice versa. In addition, while these nations (e.g. Russia) still accept dollars for oil, they have been immediately exchanging those same dollars for physical gold – which is actually a double-whammy (on the West) as they have (the West) artificially held gold prices low (particularly since 2011) through the U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund (which allows the Secretary of the Treasury, with the approval of the President, to use money in the ESF to “deal in gold, foreign exchange, and other instruments of credit and securities.” by shorting the paper market through the invisible hands within the banking cartel). The West (U.S.) is like a snake eating it’s own tail while not allowing a ‘barbaric relic’ like physical gold to reach it’s true natural value (but that’s another article, and that’s why China, Russia, and others are gobbling it up at these bargain basement prices…). It can’t go on forever. Either the West will run out of delivery (which is why nations are now demanding their physical gold back) or the gig’s up…

Will we fight Russia and/or China and/or Iran to force them to always buy oil though dollars? Would it not ensure WWIII? How will that turn out…?

My instinct tells me that sooner rather than later, the dollar is going to be lessened as a reserve currency (it’s already happening) and the United States will become less able to export it’s currency inflation. This will lead to further and faster devaluation of the purchasing power of the dollar, and the death-blow to what’s left of America’s middle class.

As of this post, the current price of oil has been dropping due to a weakening global economy (even with all the manipulated, twisted, and changed definitions which have favored a false appearance of growth) – which is all another indicator that we’re heading towards greater problems ahead.

The East is setting up it’s own system of trade, their own ‘SWIFT’ (interbank system), their own currency swaps, their own oil and other commodity trade deals, all WITHOUT the U.S. dollar. The Western banking cartel has been trying to stop it through various means and methods, however they are losing this critical game of chess.

The era of global domination by the West may be coming to an end as western nations are increasingly burgeoned with new and greater debt. All the while the East accumulates commodities and gold. Sooner or later something’s going to ‘give’ – like a sudden earthquake. Just like earthquakes, this event cannot be predicted with certainty. Somehow though, I don’t think that this tectonic ‘fault’ is going to continue a steady creep for long – it may instead jolt ahead and shake the world…

What do you think?

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