China’s Growing Military

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The U.S. Department of Defense is publicly expressing concerns regarding the growth of China’s military as documented in a recent DOD report titled “2013 Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China”.

The report reveals the trends and rising power of China’s rapid military modernization program…



Cyberwarfare Attacks

China has been accused of cyber attacks and spying on US networks, but this time the accusations are coming directly from the US military and pointed towards the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China.

“In 2012, numerous computer systems around the world, including those owned by the United States government, continued to be targeted for intrusions, some of which appear to be attributable directly to the [Chinese] government and military organizations,”

“China continues to leverage foreign investments, commercial joint ventures, academic exchanges, the experience of repatriated Chinese students and researchers, and state-sponsored industrial and technical espionage to increase the level of technologies and expertise available to support military research, development, and acquisition.”

report issued by the DOD


Space Warfare

Apparently during 2012 according to a report at, “China conducted 18 space launches to expand its intelligence and surveillance satellites.”

Space-based assets…

China is working to “improve its capabilities to limit or prevent the use of space-based assets by adversaries during times of crisis or conflict,”

“PLA writings emphasize the necessity of ‘destroying, damaging, and interfering with the enemy’s reconnaissance … and communications satellites,’ ” “blind and deafen the enemy.”

report issued by the DOD


Missile Development

China’s development of anti-ship ballistic missiles…

“This is something that China has invested in, and we’re watching very carefully as it’s developing that program,”

“We’re concerned about the ability of China to develop missiles that can project its military power with precision at great distances from China,”

“Obviously, something that can hold at risk large surface ships, including aircraft carriers, is something we pay attention to.”

report issued by the DOD


Ships, Subs, Jets, and Drones

Chinese aircraft carriers, nuke submarines…

“the most significant development in the [Chinese] Navy over the past year,” “The formation of carrier battle groups will enable the PLA Navy to conduct comprehensive operations and enhance its long-range operational capabilities,”

“investing heavily in a robust program for undersea warfare,” developing nuclear-powered attack submarines,”

report issued by the DOD

Chinese fighter jets and attack helicopters…

“China is developing fourth- and fifth-generation aircraft that incorporate stealth technology, some of which use technology captured by Chinese spies.”

report issued by the DOD


“We have seen some reports of China marketing unmanned air systems in air shows around the world,” “so that’s something we’ll have to continue monitoring very carefully.”

report issued by the DOD

China is clearly gaining rapid ground as the next world superpower, as China continues their rapid development of military infrastructure and technology, as they continue to buy up global resources around the world, as they continue to dominate their massive manufacturing infrastructure, and as they continue to amass gold, arrange direct currency trade with other nations, and as they set up their currency to become the next global world reserve currency.

A world in which the U.S. dominates and dictates is coming to an end, as its decades of national political and corporate corruption will bear the tainted fruit of the seeds which were sown…

“China is the only large power in the world preparing to shoot Americans.”

Analyst Robert Sutter

“The Chinese military also has gained substantial influence in the last year, perhaps becoming the most powerful faction in the Communist Party.”

“Beijing is configuring its forces — especially its navy — to fight ours.”

Los Angeles Times, Op-Ed “America’s China mistake”

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