A stunning revelation tonight from CBS News with Scott Pelley who said,

“Your cell phone will soon be a lot less appealing to a thief. The cell phone carriers reached an agreement today with the FCC to make it impossible to use a stolen phone. They’re going to set up a database of ID numbers for EVERY cell phone so the phone can be disabled when they are reported stolen.”

I have a stupid question, why does the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission (a branch of the U.S. government), give a $h!t if your cell phone is stolen. Seriously. Especially to the extent at which they are mandating a unique ID tracking number for every single cell phone that there is?

When I heard this brief news segment tonight, I nearly fell out of my chair while seeing right through the supposed rationale of establishing a new database of unique tracking ID’s for all cell phones (to help prevent theft), or ‘just in case they are stolen’. Last I knew, cell phones had their own phone numbers anyway… What’s up with the additional database?

I don’t know about you, but giving ‘big brother’ the kill switch to my phone seems over the top. Sure, they say it’s all for our own good and they will only use it if the cell phone is stolen – but why not leave the issue of stolen phones to the cell phone carrier, or the individual who owns it… why involve the government?

While the NSA clearly is recording all cell phone conversations anyway (check out the new Utah Spy Center), the new FCC mandate for a new database that tracks all cell phone ID’s will entirely close the loop between the words spoken on a cell phone, and the owner thereof.

While many folks may not be concerned with the fact that their government is listening, recording and tracking everything they say on their cell phones, the fact is that this is a serious blow to the privacy and liberty that we once had as Americans.

What’s next? A government kill-switch mandate for all vehicles, just in case one is stolen? How would you feel about some politician having control over that? Next thing you know they will be shutting down your vehicle if you’re late paying your taxes… Freedoms are removed incrementally – and they’ve done plenty of that lately.

Thomas Jefferson is no doubt turning over in his grave tonight.


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