Former Ass’t. Secretary Treasury Says It’s Madness, Will Lead To A Nuclear WWIII


Greg Hunter, regarding Syria: “Let’s say they have their way and they get it through the house of representatives, and we attack. Isn’t this starting World War III?”

The following statements from former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan administration, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, may shock you…

In an interview with Greg Hunter ( and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former Treasury Secretary said (regarding Syria and the U.S. regime desire to attack),

It’s another step; and it’s an important step because it makes it completely clear to the Russians and Chinese, that the United States government lies through its teeth, set’s up countries for invasion based on lies entirely… nothing but lies, and they know that sooner or later it has to come to them.

So they’ll give up any sort of hope that they may have that everything can be worked out, that reason will prevail, and they’ll see… okay we’re faced with a new Hitler. We’ve gotta be prepared.

And it will lead to war, yes. There’s no doubt about it. I think it will lead to World War Three; and… that of course will be nuclear.

The Russians and Chinese are well armed and they’re even better armed. So that’s where it’s headed; and… it’s madness. It’s madness.

When the world sees the United States in a war again, maybe a bigger one than we expect, and printing even more money and still unable to deal with the debt ceiling and the deficit, they may finally lose confidence in the dollar.

And if they start abandoning the dollar, then the collapse and exchange rate will bring down the whole house of cards in the United States.

The FED will lose control, the banks will fail, prices will rise dramatically, the people will essentially not be able to pay their bills. They won’t be able to buy food, they won’t be able to buy fuel, pay their mortgage… it will be an unbelievable mess.

Now, that could happen. I don’t know that it will. I don’t know how far idiots go once they get going… I think right now there’s a lot of frustration that the big lie didn’t work, like it worked in Iraq. And the rest of the world says we don’t believe you. And they can’t pull it off… They’re frustrated.

Folks, to hear those words, and others within the interview, it rings true. To listen to the logic is something that we do not hear anymore in our government (at least publicly).

I’m highlighting this work from Greg on our site because I believe we are now at an extremely important juncture that may change the course of history. If we allow Congress to allow the current regime to go to war over Syria, this may very well lead to our destruction in one way or another. We must not unleash the war-mongers, for the sake of our nation. We have not been attacked. This is not our civil war. We should not be backing the al-Qaeda terrorists. It’s madness.

In my opinion, all preppers should contact their house representatives and tell them NO on Syria. We do not need this war, particularly one which may lead to WWIII. We do not need an action that leads to disaster, even though this is why we prep. A true prepper does not want disaster or calamity or the end of the world. It’s just not worth it. We prepare because it might happen. We do not prepare because we want it to happen…

The following interview is 30-minutes long, and if you have the time, I recommend that you watch/listen to it.

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