Fukushima Building 4 Is Bulging And Leaning

New results from a report released today by Tokyo Electric Power Company following a recent inspection of the reactor building of Unit 4 (the one with the exposed fuel pool filled with thousands of nuclear rods) reveals that the building is bulging, more specifically the west side wall.

The inspection summary reveals that the west wall is bulging as much as 33mm (1.3 inches), and the building is leaning to the northwest. The inspection and measurements were made using optical tools to precisely measure the distances. TEPCO is stating that these measurements are withing ‘safety limits’. …and TEPCO’s track record of divulging real information is…?

The following graphic is taken from TEPCO’s report (source), and clearly shows the bulging wall.

By installing a fixed point on the top and bottom of the outer wall surface, the angle of the outer surface wall is measured by optical equipment, and confirmed the degree of vertical. Here is another image, this one indicating that the building itself is leaning. TEPCO indicates that the angle is within the ‘safety limit’.


Watching this tragedy unfold has been like watching a slow motion train wreck. The problem is, the train is filled with lots of people…

The apparent precarious bulging and leaning of this reactor building further emphasizes the urgent need to remove the thousands of nuclear fuel rods from the fuel pool sitting 100 feet above the ground floor of that building, before there is a collapse and world disaster.

If part-2 of this disaster comes to pass, it is unimaginable how the Japanese people will deal with their radiated island. Where will they go? Who will take them in? What impact will it have on the world, both physically and economically? Did I mention that this region is one of the most seismically active in the world?



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