I recently discovered that Google has apparently banned this article from their search engine. I originally posted this during 2016, and just happened to discover (via reporting tools) that they de-indexed this (among others). So, out of curiosity, I read it again. I decide to re-post for your information on what “they” evidently deem UNSUITABLE FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION.

Here’s the article:

Preparedness includes gathering intelligence, knowledge, and information regarding global / world current-events. It is a form of situational awareness. It will help guide you towards more effective risk assessment – which may influence specifics of your preparedness.

If you only watch one channel, your knowledge and perception of world current-events will be limited. Limited to what is presented by that channel. Your perception will be as they have intended it to be perceived. In other words, you will be ‘brainwashed’ by your limited and biased resource (they are all biased to an extent – some much worse than others).

Your knowledge and awareness of ‘the news’ and current events is limited to what you let in.

While it is impossible to grasp the entirety of national or global current events (there’s only so much time that one can designate to discovery), the fact is that most people only hear, see, or read a ‘mainstream’ news media outlet. Not to mention those who do not gather any news whatsoever…

Are you looking to peel back the onion?
Would you like to peek behind the curtain?

CAUTION: Once you take ‘the Red Pill’, there’s no going back to blissful ignorance…
The Matrix Is Real

It is quite well known (to the open-minded informed) that the mainstream news media is HEAVILY biased to ‘the far left’ (and further). Unfortunately a large number of people accept what they are told there as ‘the truth’. And they accept that the stories which are presented to be those which are the ‘most important’ for public consumption.

The problem is that most mainstream media outlets have seemingly, apparently, evidently become propaganda outlets for ‘the far left’. This is a very unhealthy situation.

Fortunately, nature abhors a vacuum. When enough people search for intelligence and information beyond the mainstream, other outlets open up. Today, thanks to technology, there are alternative news and information outlets to enhance, challenge, and counter what the mainstream dishes out.

One must also take into account that even alt-news information outlets may be biased (and many are), but that’s perfectly okay if you ‘know’ it. The thing is, we are all biased. But that’s okay too – so long as we remain somewhat open-minded and not limit ourselves to just one source of ‘intelligence’.

In most cases you will find that ‘the truth’ has a certain ring to it. Often your ‘gut’ will let you know. Similarly if something seems not quite right, your gut will let you know that too…

I find it quite interesting how the mainstream will often site ‘conspiracy’ towards an alt-news outlet. Or they’ll accuse “conspiracy” about information that doesn’t fit with their agenda. I also find it very interesting how so much of the past’s so called conspiracy has proven out to be factual.

Many more people have become open-minded to alternative news discovery. As the alt-news churns out information that eventually proves to be ‘truths’, the word ‘conspiracy’ has become diluted (and the mainstream is horrified by this). In fact there are a large number of alternative news sources today that have visitors/viewer numbers that are very substantial – again, to the horror of MSM.

Remember, just because a mainstream figure-head (talking-head) says that it’s ‘conspiracy’, does not mean that it is. Chances are these days that it’s probably not…

Since you are reading this, you are likely someone who already is gathering intelligence and information beyond the mainstream. And I’m probably “speaking to the choir”. However maybe just a few that happen to read this might consider to expand their situational awareness of current-events beyond their ‘one channel’ of input.

Don’t be caught off guard by not being aware of a current-event that may affect or change your life. Keep your head out of the sand. Look around. Maintain a healthy skeptical distrust of the mainstream news media. There’s ‘stuff’ going on right now that could erupt into MAJOR changes and the mainstream is NOT talking about it (them)…

So, isn’t it interesting how this type of speech is deemed unsuitable for your consumption? Wow. What a world we’re living in right now… If I write articles that are politically oriented in a direction that doesn’t suit the gatekeepers, they hide it. De-index. Demonetize my income.

That’s just not right. But it’s happening.

The first chunk of comments below are from the original article posted one month before the election when Trump won 2016.

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