Gerald Celente and the 2nd American Revolution


Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute, a man who vocalizes his passion for America, has again put out a call to arms, so to speak, as he speaks of Americas problems today and the potential source of peaceful solutions as he passionately discusses the 2nd American Revolution from his historic colonial home in Kingston NY…

I admire this man’s contagious and charismatic passion… This is potentially the most powerful Gerald Celente Video ever. He talks about what is facing our nation and some of the biggest solutions that you can use in your life.

For those who are situationaly aware and recognize our present condition as a nation, and given the levels to which we’ve descended, it may seem impossible to be able to ever climb out. Given today’s political, corporate, and bankster corruption, it may feel overwhelmingly hopeless that we will ever be able to change anything.

The thing is, we must think of it as hundreds, thousands, millions of us working together in unison, in parallel, such that each man’s (and woman’s) small effort is combined into a great force in total.

Change often starts small and slow. But it can rapidly grow and speed up just like a small snowball can rapidly turn into an avalanche in nearly the blink of an eye…

With enough of us at the grass roots level, our efforts to change the system CAN be effective. The grass roots can be anywhere that you see fit. It does not have to be within the political system. It just needs to “be”.

If you feel passionately about issues and happenings that are destroying us today, then do something. Say something. Get involved. Don’t let it fester inside without an ‘outlet’. Vent and funnel your frustrations towards solutions. It may not be easy to find the time to say something or do something about it, but if we do nothing but remain silent, then you will get what you deserve.



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