Congressman Ron Paul

Ron Paul warned that great danger lies ahead.  Impending collapse, dollar crisis, and political & social chaos is at our doorstep. The financial collapse is still in its early  stage. The current government policy is to print more money, faster. The pessimism of the middle class is getting worse.

The next event will be the dollar crisis. Presently there is an orderly retreat from the dollar, going unnoticed by most. This won’t last. A single event could rapidly deteriorate this problem and a lack of dollar confidence can come very quickly. Interest rates and prices will soar. Political and social chaos will slash at our civil liberties as the unprepared will demand protection while government intercedes.

Spend 20 minutes of your time and watch the following 3 videos to realize where we might be headed.

Congressman Ron Paul, January 21, 2010


State of the Republic Address Part 1 of 3


State of the Republic Address Part 2 of 3


State of the Republic Address Part 3 of 3


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