Homeland Security Crime Prediction Technology

image source: IMDb.com

For those that have watched the movie, ‘Minority Report’ back in 2002, well, 9 years later the US government agency – the Department of Homeland Security is working on crime predicting technology that in some ways eerily mimic the the theme of the Steven Spielberg movie.

The beginning stages of the new technology was recently tried out at an undisclosed location in the northeast US.

The types of things that the technology can remotely monitor are ‘your‘…

Heart rate
Fidgety actions
Eye movements
Blink rate
Body temperature
Breathing patterns

The technology acronym is FAST, the Future Attribute Screening Technology.

Welcome to the new world.

If you thought that TSA screenings were bad or encroaching on your liberties as a citizen, wait until you’re questioned in line because you fidgeted your feet more than ‘normal’, or you were singled out because your heart rate is a bit too fast. You will then have to explain to them that perhaps you are stressed out over some personal situation – maybe work or home… you will have to assure them that you are not a terrorist… and show them your ‘papers’…

The area becomes very gray when technology advancements are deployed for the common good, while at the same time eliminating more and more life-situations where one is really free or not being watched or tracked or monitored in some way.


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