How Much Is 1 Trillion Dollars


Have you ever really grasped how much $1-Trillion dollars actually is?

The United States National Debt is currently $17.5 Trillion dollars, our unfunded liabilities (Social Security & Medicare) are $129-Trillion dollars — numbers which are mind-boggling for people to fully realize or comprehend.

Here are a few real-world visualizations to help you see the enormity that ‘just’ $1-Trillion dollars actually represents…





A distance of 96 Million miles – the same distance from the earth to the sun.

$1-Trillion dollars lengthwise equates to 406 earth-to-moon lengths.

The same distance as 3,892 trips around the earth.

$1-Trillion dollars rolled up into toilet paper would be about the same as 10 billion rolls!

The same height as 518 million Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each-other.

The same distance as 18,043 flights from San Francisco to London.

The same length as 32,486 trips from Los Angeles to Boston.

The same height as 85 billion people standing on each others heads.



111 million square feet.

2.5 million acres.

4 thousand square miles.

The same footprint as about 55 million homes.

The same footprint as 2.3 million football fields.

The same footprint as 588 lanes side-by-side of freeway from LA to Boston (1.3 Miles wide!)



A stack of bills 68 thousand miles high.

40 million cubic feet.

A football field entirely filled and stacked with dollar bills 831 feet high.



If you can count 3 bills per second, it would take one person to live 124 lifetimes counting nonstop from birth to age 85.

If counting $1-Trillion dollars was your ‘job’, it would take a person working from the age of 18 to retirement during their normal career work hours – it would take 1,022 lifetimes.


This is what we’ll eventually get as money printing continues unabated…

Incredibly, this is a Zimbabwe One-Hundred-Trillion Dollar Bill, 100,000,000,000,000.00, which is barely worth the paper its printed on due to hyperinflation.

Source: Thanks to Rick S. for sending this our way

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