Iran 6000 Mile Missile To Reach Great Satan

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Israel’s vice prime minister recently revealed that Iran has a missile under development with a range estimated to be 6,000 miles. In fact, it is apparently the same missile type under construction at an Iranian research-and-development facility, which was damaged by a mysterious explosion in November just outside of Tehran.

“That’s the Great Satan,” Mr. Yaalon said, using the well-known pejorative term that Iranian officials have used for the US. “It was aimed at America, not at us.”

If true, Yaalon’s claim would put Iran’s missile development program into a new league. Until now, most arms analysts have estimated that the range of Iranian missiles is limited to about 1,500 miles – enough, to be sure, to reach Israel and parts of Europe. But analysts have speculated very little on research into or development of a longer-range missile.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor




6,000 miles downrange from Tehran brings the bulls-eye nearly exactly to Boston. If said missile were launched near Iran’s western border, nearly 400 more miles of range could be tacked on, bringing the bulls-eye to Washington DC. So as you can clearly see, the entire northeastern US corridor from Boston to New York to Washington DC will theoretically be in range should such a missile come to fruition. Couple that with a nuclear device… you get the picture.

If this report turns out to be accurate, this brings the game to an entirely new level.

Yaalon (Israeli vice prime minister) said in his speech that the West does not yet realize how much of a threat is posed by Iran, which he called “a nightmare for the free world.” In reality, he said, Israel in the Iranian regime’s eyes is only the “little Satan,” while America, as leader of the West, is “the larger Satan.”


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